Happy Diwali 2018

Diwali is just right around the corner hence every afternoon I see a rainfall at window as most of the Indian homes go on their annual clean-my-house-episode during this time and hence most of thet prefer washing their windows before they set up the lights and the lanterns.

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For me, Diwali is still about lots of beautiful house decor and lot, lots of diyas in the house. Not to mention the #desifashiondays where pull out my vibrant sarees and make my hubby "The Instagram Husband" :) I do not burst crackers and after becoming a mother hate them all the more.

Though I admit after becoming a mother I have also cut down on the diyas in the house just out of fright of my toddler getting attracted to them like Firefly. Decoration has gone minimal because I can imagine my little torpedo wrecking them up and in turn hurting thy self. Yet I still do some decor to lighten a corner of the house up so as to make it feel festive, yet safe.

Hope you all have a great and safe time with your family and friends this year as well. Hope the snaps inspire you to light up that corner in your homes.

Until, next time, ChaO!


 Crazy Foodies on Toes

    Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali



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