Beat the Stress

Stressed out... 

Don't answer .. it can be anything. Like literally anything. 

Important exam stress to office promotion stress to getting married stress to having a child stress to children's exam stress to saas bahu saga stress to nagging wife stress to husband not paying attention stress to financial stress to emotional attyachaar stress to life is so boring stress to health is aweful stress to long distance relationship stress to no space in relationship stress to how do I get out off this mess stress... 

Have I covered enough? I go on & on..but you get the point. Anything and everything you can think of can be stressful.

Note: CAN BE StreSsFul... it may not necessarily be stressful to an other individual. Perception is the key, but that's a different topic for some other time.

Coming back to Stress...

Each individual's ability to handle stress is different and most often than not challenged by Life, time and again. 
Whatever the situation, & mark my words, there is always oh! always a silver lining. You need to stop moo-ing over the situation in order to look up and see the bright side. 

And there you have it, your very first method of beating stress. 

Stop Moo-ing

Let's consider life has been an absolute bitch to you and screwing you royally left-right and centre, it is very normal and absolutely OK to get bouldered by anxiety and get a constant feeling of screaming at LIFE from the core of your belly. 

Cry it out. Yell it out. Tell it out. Let it out of the system.
Do that for say a minute or a month or an year max... But then that's it.

After that mourning period stop moo-ing. STOP doing Hey Maa Maataji . 

God or anybody is not going to pull over his skids to come and rescue you. No one has the time and the patience to pamper your unrealistic sadism.

You ( read carefully, YOU) yourself have to run the marathon ALONE. So stop moo-ing and find your running gear cause hell it's going to be a long run.

Stop Blaming:

Why? Oh Why this is happening to me ? ???

WHAAAA.....what have I done wrong? 

Unless you have murdered someone and are under imprisonment to serve your term, stop torturing yourself. 

Well this is just an example. 

There are situations in life when you might have been the epitome of Goodness yet you are stuck in an indefinable mess. 

Karma or no Karma or good karma or bad karma..... whatever it was.   It is NOW all in the past. 

STOP blaming yourself for the current circumstances. 
STOP digging archives for unanswered answers.
STOP following your superstitious understanding.
STOP the stupidity of cursing yourself. 

Start Thinking:

Once you have stopped blaming yourself, you will realise that now in the present you are still blistered by life's burn.

Breathe,hang in there and Start Thinking.... On how to get out off this zombie apocalypse and live life a little better than we use to. 

Financial goals, health goals, education goals, lifestyle goals, happiness goals, pick any type of goal. Exactly! Goals. The idea to get out of a stressful scenario is to have a goal. 
We humans work better when we have targets. So have small or big targets aka goals based on your circumstances and eventually work your way forward. 

Fearing a situation is easy, it takes a brave attitude to march forward into a dungeon.

Let start marching in. 

Start Fighting:

Once you know your path to break the shackles of the STRESSED situations; let me warn you, it ain't going to be a moon walk. There will be unbearable pain, suffering, crying and a hell lot of fighting enroute to peace.

Fight against time, fight against finances, fight with folks, fight with your partner/society, fight with the situation, etc... 

But more so importantly... fight with thy self. Remember this line, 

Only "YOU" can fuel strength to "Your" soul, nobody else can do it for "YOU". 

Fight till you get out of this pain and provide strength to your self and your loved ones who look up to you for motivation, for leadership and for love. 

Love is the power  we all need to stride through ambiguous life. We are humans and we dwell on Love. 💰 Money/Materialism is necessary, it is absolutely necessary. Not denying that at all but ultimately you want those materialistic pleasures for "someone" or "someone to share with" 

Thus to achieve your life goals you can't be burdened under stress. 

Whatever it is, time to shake that stress off your shoulders. Your mind has the capability  and capacity to shape the situations.

Let's start working towards a stress-free life, shall we??


Thank you for reading! Do Let us know your views.