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Hey lovely #CFOTers!! Hope you got a chance to go read our Bali Experience and hoping that it gave you some insight about Bali if you have it in your wanderlust. Adding an addendum with this article about our visit to Kedai Amertha Coffee & Meals, a humble coffee shop at Tanah Lot.

We Indians very fond of our cutting Chai (Tea) & Coffee at street side stalls especially in the evenings. So after a beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot, on our way back, we ended up asking our driver : 'Don't you have a street side stall for Coffee or Tea'. Driver might have  not understood that we were looking out for a  Chai Tappri 😀 but he judged that we craved for a hot beverage. After awhile he asked "Need a coffee?" and we beamed with a loud Yes!, he immediately took an U turn in the middle of the road, drove about 100 feet and parked the car and informed "You get Good local coffee here !"

And we were happy souls!!
Amertha Coffee & Meals, Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia
We were in front of a small shack structure named Amertha Coffee and Meals, owned and run by Wayandadi (Fellow in Red T-shirt). Place looked cozy with fragrance of freshly roasted coffee in the air. There were two tables, few chairs and a guitar in the corner.A perfect ambiance for those who want to Chillax with a good hot brew and some music

We asked for a local coffee. The guy on the counter was very friendly and more than that he was too enthusiastic to explain what he is doing rather than just offering a cup of coffee. The Experience is unique only because the way he prepared the coffee and explained the technical aspects on how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. So, following is the way the coffee should be prepared or rather prepared at Amertha Coffee.
  • Firstly you need to choose the coffee beans from local areas like Kintamani, Ubud, ....... We chose coffee beans from Kintamani as we loved the Volcano Village.
  • Grind the beans in the grinder and sniff the fresh aroma of coffee 😅
  • Take two tablespoon of grounded coffee and pour it on the coffee filter. A tablespoons is around 10 to 15 gms grounded coffee
  • Heat the water in a kettle and pour it into Temperature measuring flask to ensure that the water temperature is 80 Degrees Centigrade. If it is not correct the taste is ruined
  • Next pour the water slowly and evenly onto coffee to get a perfect brew. 100 ml water per minute is the rate at which the coffee should be brewed. At @ Amertha there is a timer which ensures that we have a perfect cup
  • Next comes the Milk into the coffee, for a perfect cup we need 14 gm of milk for 100 ml coffee cup. This was very interesting when I heard this and @ Amertha there is a small weighing scale. The guy measures it correctly so that customer can get a perfect cup
  • Finally one tea spoon of sugar if you really want sugar in your coffee. Not more than one teaspoon as it will empower sugar and ruin coffee taste.
The manual brewing is very well explained and is done so enthusiastically by this fellow that it feels like Kungfu master playing his moves in Shaolin.  Watching him brewing our cup of coffee was fun and well the coffee was just ideal.

Quick Peak into Coffee brewing :

There are other TOP 10 places where you can have a perfect cup of coffee but for the perfect coffee brewing experience CFOT recommends to visit Amertha Coffee and Meals in Bali, Indonesia.

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