our Take on Takeouts

A significant era ago eating at home meant eating home-made or rather ma ke haath ka khana (food made by mother); not anymore. With online-food-ordering-mobile-apps at our finger tip, getting meals from your fav restaurant or for that matter getting a meal from a resto within a radius on 2-3 km is just a credit card pin away.

WE have been ordering-in food a lot lately. Why? Mostly Temptation & Laziness.

Temptation, because approximately an hour prior to meal time the apps pop up a notification, 
     Hey @crazyfoodiesontoes, Hungry??? What would you like to have? Chinese??? 
and that's it. Scrolling, scrolling...... just checking the offers and Tadah!! your meal will be delivered in 60 mins.  

Laziness, well do we even need to explain this?

Take outs can be fun for a while but later on all the budget friendly take outs, taste the same eventually making you nauseous. Bloating, weight gain, obesity, cholesterol, wallet burners are few devils to name why not to indulge in take-outs frequently.

We have almost indulged into varieties of food in an about our vicinity through the Zomato App. We like this app and NO this is not a sponsored post. This app is more user friendly and their chat support system is spot on. 

Some of the take outs do reach on time an in perfect condition while other land up in a greasy mess. Hence even if we order something it is mostly only from those restaurants which meet the following criteria:

  1. No Spillage
  2. Temperature Controlled Cases
  3. Prompt Delivery
  4. Quick Coordination in case of late delivery
  5. Decent Quantity
  6. Excellent Quality 
  7. Amazing Taste
Based on the above criterias we usual rate the delivery. Restaurants with minimal serving space must score points on take-out deliveries only then you can retain customers. 


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