The Playgroup or The Pre-School Charade

Any new phase with your kid is going to be a parody of parenting norms. Yep, now that we are in this game for the past two years we can vouch that if you as a parent think or expect  "XYZ" then your kid is ready with  "ABCdef......wha no no.....oh u say XYZ how about...go to hell I will do as I please." Thus when you talk about taming these mini cute looking tornados and pushing them into a controlled environment like a playgroup, parents beware you going to love this roller coaster.

Let's divide this topic broadly into following:
  1. Deciding: Yes, I want to put my child into a playgroup. Yes, I want to be part of this charade.
  2. Selecting: Now I need an institute where my child can go create a mess which otherwise happens at home. Yes, you will end up having a Phd on which school is the best so congratulations on that as well.
  3. Enjoying: Now that I have signed up for this might as well enjoy it otherwise boy oh boy you will be in trouble if you don't.

Playgroup is ideally a phase where the child outgrows from carefree toddlerhood and gets maneuvered for the school life. Thus it is going to be the very hard for the caregiver and child because both will undergo separation anxiety. Sleep routine will change at times for good & at times it will create havoc with rest of the otherwise fixed schedule of food, potty & play time. Babies/Toddlers are disciples of routine, if you hit a speed bumper you will take time to regain a steady speed.

So what's our routine like? 

When things are smooth it is as below

9 am ishh... Wake Up
10 am ishh... Feed, Potty, Bath & Games...
11 am ishh... Setting out for school
2 pm ishh...  Come back from school
3 pm ishh.... its is still playtime along with lunch
4 pm ishh...  we are still playing but we tend to get sleepy
5 pm ishh.... finally we get some sleep till say 7 ish
8 pm ishh ....dinner and then it is more play time
9 pm ishh...we are still playing and maybe snacking
but it is one eternity later that we hit the bed again and call it a night.

Yes this is on a smooth day. Who told ya two year olds love the clock?  They love a routine but that routine won't follow the clock and vice versa.

Note, disclaimer: We are not saying this is an ideal routine a two year old should embrace. This is our routine and it goes for a toss if anytime we are travelling or our son is not feeling well etc, etc. This routine is currently working for us in terms of our playschool timings.

So what are the hassles in this routine?


This is a phase where babies get more independent. So for some kids like ours it is an opportunity to drive their parents nuts. They want to just get out there and explore without the fear of hurting themselves as if we had stranded him to the wall at home. Some kids get baffled with the thought of wearing the uniform. Some kids cry their souls out when they are taken to the school. Some kids get up way too early and then are tired during the actual school timings.  Some kids don't get up; you have to wake them up like ours. Some do not want to get into the school; some do not want to get out of the school. Lunch box is another topic of thesis. In the past two and half months of school our son has only once returned home with an empty tiffin.

So it is necessary to go through all this ordeal?

Yes.. that is what parenting is all about. You can opt for going through this charade either in a playgroup (after two years) or whenever you decide to initiate your ward's school-life based on your thought process and life priorities.

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