How not to be a Crazy Mother?

SAHM, Stay-at-home-mother, or being a working mother is a CHOICE. A choice made by a woman, a mother either circumstantially or intentionally to nurture ker kids as per her life goals & priorities. Lately, the debate of SAHM v/s Working Mom is so hyped that everyone just wants to find solace in blaming the other community for not being able to do optimal for the kids rather than helping each other raise a better human generation. A mother is a mother; why typecast her?

A mother is always in stress irrespective of her choice to work for a living or not. A mother is always following a routine which can get on her nerves.Keeping that in mind I am noting down my top 5 ultimate stress busters which have helped me overcome the monotony of motherhood and maintain my sanity so that I can take care of my beloved.

So my five-point-some-things are:
  1. 📚 Getting Organised
  2. ✎ Being Creative
  3. 👯 Beauty Regime
  4. 📺 Entertainment
  5. ✊ Punching
Let me now explain.

Getting Organised:
  • Now this will be the last thing on your mind mothers trust me, I know! But if you do not want to have a meltdown every now and then, you have to get your stuff organised. See it this way, the more organised you get with time the more functional your brain becomes and doesn't stress because it knows where things are and how to get them. Start with those areas which you access on a daily base and which trouble you the max like 
    • Kids Bath 
    • Breakfast 
    • Laundry
        This list is endless but you get the point.Things which drive you nuts get organised there.
  • Plus getting organized automatically triggers the next level that is having a clean space. Cluttered spaces act like a magnet for frantic thoughts and more clutter.

    You don't have to get into a super cleaning mode everyday to keep your sanity. Do simples stuff like 
    • Making your bed: I swear by this. The moment you bed is neat and tidy after a long night's sleep you immediately set yourself into the active mode. Also once the bed is neatly done it doesn't invite you to snuggle back thus in turn ultimately you make more time for yourself. 
    • Keeping your Living Area neat: After the bed the next thing you spend most time is the living room. You Live in that room hence the term Living. So just maintain that portion of the house and also built in the habit with the family to maintain the sanity of that space,
Being Creative:
  • I read somewhere that having few creative minutes is like taking a vacation. In those few minutes you travel into a different world and once you do something creative you experience a new zest. 
    • Get creative with your food menu or 
    • Do a small inexpensive DIY or 
    • Take up a hobby class or
    • Do a home spa for yourself or
    • Read a book or
    • Dance to a song
  • Have those few minutes in a week where you spend it on being creative the immediate result is you are inspired to do something new, to learn something new.
Beauty Regime: 
  • Ok I know beauty lies within and stuff but i'm not going to type some motivational jargon. Pregnancy, Stress, Commuting in traffic, kitchen fire, etc takes a toll on the skin, hair and what not. Take time to clean that tired face off. 
  • Personally I do not have a strict beauty regime nor do I have many beauty products in my vanity but I do have something. Likewise find that suits your skin, pocket and time. 
  • Currently I am indulging in foaming facewash, day cream, night cream from L'oreal and all-in-one Olay for when i'm stepping out. If you want to know more on the beauty products I use Click Here
  • Also, keep yourself hydrated. Try this... nextime whenever you are at your wits end by handling cranky kids or household chores; take a tall glass of cool water, sit in your balcony or your fav spot and slowly drink it. Let the calming nature of water clam you down. Make this a ritual in your beauty regime. After a bath or when the kids are taking a nap drink some water. You can be bit creative and have some infused water too, It helps. 
  • There was a time when you could do a movie marathon, alas! and then you became a mother. No fear, YouTube is here. Oh, wait there is even Netflix or Voot or Hotstar...etc etc... 
  • There are many beautiful short films over the internet which are like 3-25mins in length and give you the required entertainment dose in jiffy at your convenience. Download the apps on your cellphone and you are sorted.
  • Last but not the least find your punching bag. No not telling you to buy one. I am asking you to find that one person who you can pour your heart to and let out the steam from your system. In my case it is my darling husband. He is my punching bag (no pun intended). I tell him what went right, what went wrong and he reciprocates. 
  • Find your punching bag. It can be your husband, your bff, your mommies group/network, your mother, your mother in law, your maid, anyone. We are humans. We need another human to emote back. That's how we dwell. 
So these are my five-some-things that help me have a calm mind and focused target. The target is of course to raise a tiny munchkin into a humble being.

Hope this helps a bit. If you moms have any other suggestions which can help all the millennial moms out there comment below. Parenting is a long journey and moms can use all the help, always.


Thank you for reading! Do Let us know your views.