Krishna Janmashtami Puja List

|| श्री नारायणाय नम: ||

Krishna Janmashtami is a festival celebrated across India in gallore. Each Indian state has his distinct way of worshiping Balgopal. Today we share across the list of things we bring for our puja. Do note that the puja samagri will vary region wise and pandit wise as well. 

The list is as follows:
  • तुळस - १०८
  • नारळ - ३+१
  • तांदुळ - १ १/२
  • सुपार्या – २५
  • जानवी जोड - २
  • विड्याची पाने - २१
  • निळा कपडा - १
  • अत्तर बाटली - १
  • फळे - ५
  • केळीचे खांब - ४
  • फुले
  • दुर्वा
  • आंबे डहाळ - २
  • गजरा
  • अबिर
  • गुलाल
  • हळद
  • पिंजर
  • रांगोळी
  • कापुर
  • अगरत्ती
  • पंचामृत
  • दुध साखर
  • समया
  • आरती ताट
  • तांबे - ३
  • तामण - २
  • पेला पळी -१
  • पोहयाचा प्रसाद
  • लोण्याचा गोळा

The first two pictures are from 2013 Krishna Janmashtami Puja. The third image is of Arha dressed are Krishna on his first janmashtami which was like 20 days after his birth. Time flew by very quickly and just a week ago we celebrated his First Birthday, Click here to see our humble celebrations. 

Hope this list helps you in organising your puja swiftly. Most of the things are readily available in the market just incase if you do not find anything ask your pandit for alternatives. Nonetheless even if you miss out something, do not fuss over it, God values your prayers more than how you perform them. These puja rituals are designed to help you cleanse your mind and at least for an hour be in the vicinity of God. In return if you get few blessings and peace of mind then what's the harm?!

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