Shimga aka Holi celebrations 2016

Getting back from a vacation and again stepping back into a routine is harsh on the rejuvenated soul. The non-humid-hot-yet-fresh breeze in the mango grove cleanses your tired mind instantly. Our Facebook and Instagram  follower do know that we were out on vacation to our native town 'Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri'  celebrating Holi and those who were unaware; this will be the right time to hit the like button of our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram!!!

We have written about Holi also known as Shimga and how it is celebrated in Konkan in the past. You can read about the same over here, here and also here.

We Indians believe in, 'अतिथी देवो भव' which translates as Guest is God and thereby put our best foot forward in being hospitable. Imagine the feeling when The Gods actually come as guest at your place, divine!

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Shimga Holi 2016

This time we managed to capture a small clips to share the same feeling with you. Ya just managed cause half of the time we busy with Arha. We are still on the learning curve on how to be parents and bloggers simultaneously. Hope you guys are with us on this.

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