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New Year resolutions are always fun to make but difficult to follow throughout the year.
I do not have resolutions because I tend to break rules, u know'! I prefer to have a goal at the start of the year so that I can work towards achieving it. If I do accomplish,! If I don't it gets the carry forward to the neat year or gets revamped ofcourse that is circumstantial.

Blogging came through me via work where it was scheduled and it worked keeping the content live and fresh with engaged audience. Complete contrast is #crazyfoodiesontoes. It has never been on scheduled.So this year, out of my old habit of trying something new, I want to run the blog on a schedule atleast I wanna try.

Goals 2015 are as follows:

  1. AmHi Marathi: Since last year we have started writing about our festivities where Hubby also authors, addressing the Marathi audience. Revamping this section and finding more about our traditions and there by writing about them. 
  2. Photography: I love bizarre roadside clicking with my Sony Xperia L. I did not collate such snaps together last year will rectify this with more 'only photography' posts. 
  3. Bird Watch: Hubby loves bird watching and he writes so little about it. Hoping to see some birds flying on the blog.
  4. No Photos: The blog had commenced with an idea of noting down thoughts were otherwise are difficult to express. Over the years photography took over writing so this year words get priority. 
Few of the best clicks of 2014, Nofilters!

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