Rewinding 2014

I am so going to miss 2014. No, I did not say this for the previous years. In fact to be honest, I have prayed for some years to end quickly but not 2014. I loved 2014.

I did not travel much this year, but I traveled enough to understand that a fresh perceptions can spark up even an old visited place
I did know that our Indian festivities have a mythological stories but realized they teach us to socialize and work with each other in harmony which social media sites might never accomplish. They still make us believe that there might by some magical authority out there.
I liked to cook but never got the time to experiment my culinary skills due to futile excuses. This year I understood the importance of spending time with oneself and with the things you like to do.
I always have planned my life be it studies, career or taking a break from it or be it my travel or festivities or even my daily meals. I love plans. This year I have learned that we can plan the minutest detail of our lives but sometimes life has its own plan and we should just sit back and respect it.

Moreover 2014 encouraged me to be more patient and more hopeful of life. I hope that all of you also had a good experience with 2014 if not don't worry, a fresh year starts tomorrow be HOPEFUL.

Happy New Year Fella's
See you in 2015 
Leaving you all with Crazy Foodies on Toes December Celebrations snaps. 

Wedding season #ootd

Our Christmas Tree

Birthday Breakfast 
Birthday cake

Can't get enough of Christmas

Two years already, really?

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