Movie Marathon

I am happy at this very moment. #Crazyfoodiesontoes Facebook Page got it's 100th Liker. Yuppie!! The first century is always special right :) I am just glad that I am able to #spreadsmiles (few at-least) which was the main intent of blogging. 

Crazy Foodies on Toes
Image Courtesy: Appu Ride in Munnar 

Another reason I am happy is because I had a movie hattrick this weekend and all "Good Movies". You can know about my specification for good movies over here. 
It might help you understand the reason for my happy feet. 

Speaking of feet, my dancing partner-Hubby is out of town, hence kinda low on the dandiya dancing but definitely not low on the photography. Navaratri updates on instagram and also on facebook page Crazy Foodies on Toes

Movie 1: Khoobsurat 
  •  Khoobsurat was not a new story hence there weren't any expectations for new turns and twist yet it was too predictable. Sonam Kapoor & Kiron Kher were the main attractions for me and mum respectively for this movie. I loved Aisha and was expecting a similar fashion treat but I was a bit disappointed yet I loved the colorful Sonam anyway. The dhoti styled salwars and her scarfs were a charm. The treatment given to the movie was so trademark Disney hence was a delight to watch.
Movie 2: Dawat-e-Ishq
  • Oh! Loved, loved this flick. Refreshing take on the disgusting dowry system which still is evident in many parts of our country. Parineeti Chopra, I just love this girls style. Tomboy or a sexy chic she pulls of every style with ease and with no size-zero nonsense. Aditya Roy Kapur is like the kebab , he showcases in the film , you just can't say no to. The movie elaborates the food culture of two ethnic cities Hyderabad & Lucknow  along with the dialect. I loved the credits styling of this movie, it shows the actors and technicians as part of a hotel menu card. Songs, Story, Styling and Sensibility all get a check from me, thus a must watch. 
Movie 3: Baware Prem He
  • Goa is a place to fall for but in this story Goa also makes you fall in love. Love stories may not have a happy ending always but yet they need not be tragic-love-stories. This movie is about a young boy fresh out of engineering college who finds his existence, his identity and his love in Goa. Urmila Kanitkar-Kothare & Siddharth Chandekar a fresh pair on the marathi silver screen. To see a marathi movie styled so beautifully, to compete strongly against its hindi movie counterparts, is a proud feeling. I connected to this movie because the engineer lad finds his identity as a writer.  Ahem ahem :) :) need I say I more :)  

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