Comfort Food 2: Ginger Tea

Today at dawn, while still in bed and half awake, I found myself searching for my comforter which was engulfed by Hubby. The rains had worked their magic overnight. It was sensuously breezy and fresh yet you wanted to snuggle in the quilt. Thus the Monday morning starts with full of blues; the good blues of course,  like the wintry water blue & the glassy sky blue. The next thing which you need desperately is a good cuppa of Ginger Tea to get hup hup hup... 

Especially when the view from the window is as below. I know it's a concrete jungle out there but I still find serenity in the landscape. 

What does Him's Kitchen smell like on such mornings? Traditionally grounded ginger getting a hot bubble bath with strong tea leaves and thereby accompanied by milk and sugar.

    A great kick start to a great week ahead! Sip.. Sip. See you soon.

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