Asian Festival in Mainland China, R-City

Mumbai Malls are the latest trending hangouts especially during the monsoons. Actually they are trending 24*7, 365 days of the year, Non-Stop. There are more malls in Mumbai than gardens so it's an ideal place for dates, family shopping, grocery shopping and now a days it's the new playground for kids as well. Hence by default each Mumbai-kar has a favorite or preferred mall.

For me it's R-City Mall, Ghatkopar. Why??? Click here and here and here to know. Last weekend I got one more reason, Mainland China.

Mainland China is hosting an Asian Festival featuring the best dishes from popular Asian cuisines. There are selected dishes on the Asian Festival menu so you wont get lost. Soups, Appetizers, Main Course and Desserts each categories have good options for both veg and non-veg. They also have their country flags besides the dish so that you know which country you are travelling to gastronomically.

As always we started with mock-tails followed by Tom Yum Soup. I Love this soup. Prefer this one over any other oriental or Asian soup.  It's a naughty soup I say. It makes you dance to it tunes, literally.  Tangy, spicy & hint of sweetness all-in-one. But this one here at Mainland China was little oily and looked like a dal fry rather than a soup. The flavors were banging heads, not quite the way I like.

Veg Tom Yum Soup, Thailand
How could we have not ordered Dim-sums from the regular Mainland China Menu? So we did. And was not disappointed at all. We were four and had ordered for 6 pieces, we were left wanting for more. The delicate, gently spiced and silk textured beauties where a bundle of joy to feast on. I wanted to repeat the dish but then would have lost on trying something else hence resisted the temptation. 

Veg Dim-sums, China

After the Dimsums we wanted a strong flavored entree, which led us to Dynamite Tofu. I wanted to relish Tofu for quite some time now and this starter made a good opening on my taste pitch.

Dynamite Tofu,

The tofu was creamed with some red chilies and lemony tang, the tofu was crisp on the outside and softy soft in. The presentation was top notch in a martini glass.

For the main course we had the traditional Green Thai Curry-Veg accompanied with steam rice. We also had Indonesian Noodles made out of wheat and were generously spiced with hot chilies. This dish has sprouts in it so the sprout balance the hotness of the spices and gives a flavored morsel in your mouth. 
The dish is spicy so make sure you have your drinks refilled.

Green Thai Curry & Indonesian Noodles
After such a extravaganza of spices on your taste buds, you will need deserts. So without thinking again order the Fried Ice-cream Roll. Yaaaahh!!! Coconut flaked rolls which are warm enough to melt the vanilla ice-cream that was the dish of the day for me.  
Fried Ice-cream Rolls
Ice-Cream rolls vanished in few seconds and then I had the feeling that deserts should last for more time on the plate. I mean deserts, are the best way to say goodbye to a lovely evening so we should linger on them for more time. So we ordered one more desert this was Traditional Sponge Cake with a very very very sweet Toffee Sauce. The cake was perfect low-sweet and was bouncy just a way sponge should bounce.

Sponge cake with Toffee Sauce

The Toffee sauce is a great way to balance individual sweet-ness liking of a cake thus went I left the warm ambiance of Mainland China, I indeed had a feeling of completing a wonderful tour-de-Asia. 

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