The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

I have been promoting the movie Notebook since I first saw it. A romantic person should once watch that movie that's my take. Just recently at a book exhibition I saw "The Choice by Nicholas Sparks ". I never knew Notebook was novel-now-a-major-motion-movie. So when I learned it's from the same author it was a must buy and a must read.
This was my first time to read an artwork  by Nicholas Sparks and such a pleasure people.
Mystery, romance, passion, compassion, marriage, friendship and parenting, such are the facets of this story.
Many a times once a book is finished the process of living the characters is over. But not here my friends.
Same as the movie it makes you think. Think really hard.
What is the extent you will go to save your Love?
In this selfish world is your love strong enough to bring you back from the dead?
We are to make choices at every step we take. Those choices can be termed as mistakes in the coming future. But then I heard recently on the radio, "In life there are situations and we have reactions to the situations. So no one can term a reaction as mistake".
The Choice actually makes you wear the character, Travis Parker's shoes and feel the shoe  bites. The love, his wife, Gabby bought in his life is about to go based on his choice, his decision.
All the wonderful years of building their relationship, their marriage, all boils down to this one decision.
Miracles do happen but if Gabby never comes out of comma then will Travis enslave himself to the serving her till the end of his life? Or will he respect Gabby's decision and put her of the life support system?
Do read to know. Do read to feel the love. Do read to know about yourself self cause you make choices as well.

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