Happy Diwali

Today last of Diwali... while getting ready for work Hubby had switched on the news where the reporters mentioned that there was a considerable decrease in air and noise pollution as compared to preceding years.

Absolutely top notch, I say. Finally people are realizing the true essence of  celebrating festivals.
Harming the environment and eventually the human soul with the torture of unbearable noise and smoke doesn't mean Diwali.  

I am glad that I was in a school, Holy Cross Convent High School, who made me comprehend that bursting crackers was a bad idea. Our teachers made us pledge never to burst fire crackers and I am following since then. 

So how did I celebrate my Diwali? Have a look.

Set out for, SHOPPING!

Inorbit Mall, Malad

New Purchase

Diwali Sweets
Since it is my first Diwali after marriage as per Hindu rituals my Mom gives us the Diwali sweets and of-course GIFTS... Devil Smile :D

Dhanteras Pooja

Laxmi Poojan

Worshiping the Broom

 Goddess Laxmi resides where there is cleanliness hence the broom which helps us clean is worshiped during Laxmi poojan.


My first Diwali Gift given by Hubby

Photography: Amit Surve aka Hubby

I believe that eat sweets and spread sweetness around, burning calories is much advisable than burning fire crackers, wat say?? :)

                                              " Happy Diwali Friends"
PS: While I was writing this post my colleague pointed out to an article, and then I couldn't complete this post without mentioning it.

News: A MINOR gang-raped at a knife-point in Mumbai
When we celebrate a festival with all its goodness, it cultures us to follow and imbibe that morality within our self  and spread some. If humans won't follow this then who will??? Then I think more and feel that people with such criminal minds lack humane soul hence no amount of cordiality can cleanse their lusty thirst. Fear of hard punishment might halt this indecency but India is yet to find it out till then we can keep educating people around us and hope that the festival of lights enlightens the soul of one and all so that it is always a Happy Diwali...

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