Trip advisory for U.A.E

Few days back my school friend buzzed me on Facebook asking to help her out to plan out a vacation for her parents in Dubai as I had recently visited. So came the idea for this post and the posts to be followed for sometime.

I have been to U.A.E twice once in 1998 and now in 2013.Typical flashback kind off feeling. 15 year's Later she came back ..... lol!

What I saw then was also overwhelming, What I saw this visit was over the top overwhelming cause this time I understood what I was seeing. As a kid anything cleaner, brighter and mightier had a wow factor. As an adult you have certain sets of specifications in your subconscious to approve any place and it's people plus every adult is different hence permutations in perceptions. But U.A.E has bit for everyone across the  age groups, across tastes and across budgets.

I am listing down places I visited and I loved. You can choose your pick

  1. Dessert Safari with belly dance and sheesha
  2. Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club
  3. Burj Khalifa
  4. Dubai Mall: Part 1 & Part 2
  5. Mall of Emirates- Asha's 
  6. Palm Jumeriah Mono Rail Ride
  7. Dubai Museum
  8. Grand Mosque- Abu Dhabi
  9. Al Majas waterfront-Sharjah
  10. Al Quasba- Sharjah
  11. Budgeted shopping options: City Centre Dubai, Sahara Mall Sharjah 

In upcoming posts I shall give you a descriptive insight about the places and  the activities I did. So do come back after a while.

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