Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club

Bollywood films and it's filmy action have always intrigued every Indian. Especially movies which depict our armed forces. They always trigger more sense of loyalty towards our country. A younger me always wanted to win a Filmfare award ; well some part of me still silently hopes.  I wanted to win the best actress but for a smart chick action movie well something like Tomb Raider types. 

Wearing fitted jeans, big boots, holding guns, fast cars, looking slim ...gasp... see ...this is what I love about dreams they can create an air about you and you just want to drift away. Trust me till date I have only been able to hit my bro Shree but that was like decades ago. Aaah miss those days.

Today we celebrate our Independence Day and that made me write this post all the more. I am not going to make anyone guilty of spending the day at home sleeping or cleaning up your house while you watch television cause even I am doing the same. 

It is your Freedom day, spend it as you Feel Free!

But yes, wanted to make one note. Something which I felt, something probably our soldiers and our freedom fighters felt. The pain of pulling a trigger. 

During our visit in Sharjah we had a chance to visit a shooting range. We handled real guns, real bullets and were able to fire as well. Sharjah Gold and shooting Club is a nice place where you can learn to handle and fire guns legally like the way we learn Golf. 

Enriching experience it was. Made me realized it is not a piece of cake you can cut into with a butter knife,  the way we see in our movies. Hubby, Me and Bro got to shoot like 25 bullets each for a 9 MM gun which we opted for, you also have AK-47 to try on if you desire. The boys had fun me too but due to my extra thinking issue I kept putting my self into the shoes of these soldiers, policemen, our freedom fighters. 

I was firing at a false target yet it was daunting. What happens in their minds when they fire on real live humans? I agree upon that they protect us from those devils but ultimately it might be hurting them as well, might be?

Anyways, cutting this crap the evening we spent was fun. I did get to handle a gun and fire it and I could and I looked like Tomb Raider sooo part of the dream did come true. Thanks to Hubby and Daddy.

No camera allowed inside the shooting range hence could pose with our score in the lobby.

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