ONLY VEG! from himshree's kitchen henceforth.....

Last Sunday was a quite, "Homely Sunday" i.e. being home on a Sunday.Thoroughly, absolutely, enjoyed it. Just being home on a weekend doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, oiling my hair, watching television,downloading songs, listening to them, singing along with hubby....aah! A perfect Sunday. 

With all the above activities I was simultaneously chit chatting with my friends on whats app. Informed them that I was cooking Palak Paneer and then spontaneously asked them to join ... well which was impossible cause they live in Thane and me in Borivali, a decade's distance; those who know will understand what I am writing. 

To my invitation a friend replied, " NO..(but obvious) Plan and invite for Non-veg" I said, I am a Vegetarian Now! and there was a sudden roar of questions from other wise a very silent chat group. 

Why?  Are you serious? For What? 
Did hubby asked to quit? 

I have faced these questions ever since I decided to go veg after marraige so about time to answer not cause I am answerable to any one it is just that all should know it is not due to any sort of pressure put up by anyone it is solely, my decision!!

1. I never did nor would like to eat non-veg when someone pure veg is sitting with me to dine. My friend Manasi can vouch for it..

2. I did not like restaurant cooked non-veg cause it did not taste the way my mom cooked. And she is brilliant with Fish and Chicken which by the way are the only NON-VEG type our family  used to have.

2. I was never an addict to non-veg. Yes I still have cravings for Mom's Fish Curry, Malvani Style, but now instead of Fish Mom puts in Lady Fingers and that solves my problem. 

3. I cannot cook non-veg, I managed well with eggs but that's about it. So when hubby said he is Veg I was more than happy to quit eating non-veg cause the base reason was I couldn't cook it. 

My hubby never asked to change my eating habits, in fact he still asks me if I wish to have and I say,

"I don't,  but in case if I feel like having I will tell Him and then also it I will again be my decision!!

The trigger to this post was Palak Paneer so tried capturing few snaps of the steps to be followed but it is difficult to click with messy hands. Promise to get all of you better pics of the experiment from #himskitchen next time onward.

Recipe courtesy: Sanjeev's Kapoor so tried and tasted!

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