Wine Review: Vallonne Vineyards Rose

Being diplomatic is always been one of my virtues and to see the same in wine is a pleasure. This is a diplomatic wine,  middle way out between white and red, Blush wine.

I am more in favor of the White wines cause of their texture and crisp dry aroma but I also like the Red wine's color and hint of sweetness. Told you diplomacy is one of my virtues. I want best of both the worlds. Blush or Rose Wine is a blend of white's texture,aroma while the color and sweettness comes from the red.

Wine Name: Vallonne Vineyards Rose Cabernet Sauvignon

Taste according to maker's : This full bodied, delicate, refreshing wine has enticing notes of cherry, plum, melons and berries. Vibrant, crisp and lively, it's perfect anytime, anywhere.

Taste according to me: Maker's said the wine is  refreshing well so it was. No pungent thud on the nostrils, No harsh sweetness. No white wine edginess. No red wine dehydration. It's plain refreshing. Of course it is not very classy but for a palate change in wine a good pick.

Price: Approx 600-800 INR

Serve: Chilled with salads to suit the fresh quotient.

Overall I like the whole idea of Blush Rose in the glass and also on my cheeks.

PS: Don't Drink and Drive.


  1. LOve the color of this wine and absolutely fell in love with the bottle :)

  2. Yes the bottle itself kicks start a good mood..... :)

  3. Great review, thanks for sharing...


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