Feasting while Fasting

Who say's fasting is a gruesome affair? You can have a complete feast while you fast. We got a local take-away-Maharashtrian restaurant name Godwa which offers delicacies  fit for the king. Have a look.

Menu for Ashadi Ekadashi Fast:

  1. Rajgira Puri
  2. Potato Sabji
  3. Sabudana Khchadi
  4. Groundnut Curry
  5. Lemon Pickle
  6. Pappad
  7. Vari Rice
And people this was a Mini Thali for 75/- INR ( Approx 1.26$). The Big Thali had Sabudana Kheer and Sweet Potato Mash in it. So I am waiting for the next fast, how about you??

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