Love ya Arrange

Sony Television currently are flashing promos of their new show Love Marriage ya Arrange Marriage, an age old debate, which of the both are better? A sensitive subject for people like me who are right now nominated for the wedding market. I might be sounding harsh or rude or even disrespecting the marriage institution with words like wedding market but that's what it feels like. A big online shopping arcade where you punch specifications, height 5'4 to 6'2, education post grad, NRI ( mamma mia) and voila, 250 profiles matching your requirements. Now choose what you feel is the most convenient and reasonable option to you. Luck plays an important factor here to decide on your happily ever after.Luck also plays a part in bringing the love to you, now marrying the love or not to marry is your decision. After the decision is taken then you have the usual FAQs sessions with folks, relatives and friends if or not it is the RIGHT decision or not.So both ways there is chaos. 

What holds both situations or decisions, be it arrange or love? Loyalty. Loyalty towards your own decision. I am not discussing the background scores which lead to the decisions. Whatever the decision is taken, is taken? We should be loyal to the decision we took. But the loyalty is missing nowadays. Temptations are increasing their hold on our minds and our brains, we leave them in our office drawers. That is not a good thing to do. 

In a very emotional fragile moment you promise that you will meet your love, with whom you can't commit life time togetherness, for a last time...alone. You go home and then scratch your soul to check could it fulfill the promise ever? Do you have the guts to cheat? 

Surprisingly, yes we do have the balls to stab a knife behind the back of our loved ones who trusts us blindly. From where are we getting the courage to two time our partners? Being single is about mingling I agree. Hey but weren't singles suppose to mingle with singles?

Alright I will also agree sometimes love finds its way through broken hearts and the paths are tough. Then courage lies in accepting facts and standing by your decision of choosing one person, one path, one life.

And hey what are we stabbing each other for, lust? Lusting about one person and loving another and marrying a third person has become a tweeting trend. We are suddenly not loyal to the decision but we have become loyal to Convenience. What is convenient to me at that particular time is what I am loyal to.
This convenience is getting interpreted wrongly as Love.

Relations are getting complicated with time, agreed. May be, we can't stop that. May be, we can't stop getting tempted. May be,we will never stop hunting for more. 

Yet I still strongly believe Love is very pure friends. It is unconditional. However philosophical or unrealistic it may sound. Love is Unconditional. It was not and will never be about convenience. At least let's try not to corrupt it. Let's Try.

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