The Diamond Stone

When a span comes were everything you considered would change for better but in turn it slaps at your face, it very obvious to, Stone. Block out emotional bonding, not entertain any laughter therapy suggested by friends and treats given by parents are all of a sudden enjoyed dearly without the guilt that you might be ruining your claim that, "I am independent, I can handle myself".

Are we so independent that we don't not require emotional backing or help or just the feeling of someone is there with us, in some way, somewhere? If not then why do we get upset over the expectations we set about somebody/something in our mind? If we are independent then we should neither feel good nor bad about anything. But then this will also Stone us up, ain't it? We would me mechanics functioning on oil or electricity.

Obviously, we are the blessed animals who are allowed to speak our thoughts hence we are emotional wrecks. We feel. We get hurt over everything and throw a ice cream treat for absolute nothing. Such are we confused souls When we could have had everything easily only if we could say right things at the right time to the right people. We realize only when time leaves us with no choice but to compromise subjecting ourselves into hibernation. Then after a sulk span who move out of your hiding space and wonder is that all? Or there is more?

Yes, obviously guys there is a heaven lot more. There is no rule book of life saying you can't commit the same mistakes again though advisable not to commit the same ones as it can get monotonous. Fresh mistakes keep the spunk in the life. After every mistake take time to get stoned cause while you keep thinking that  you are entering a dark hole the tunnel actual opens out into a diamond mine. While you are in the stone state check the dos or dont's which I followed in my earlier post Crushed. While coming out of the state always think of one self of the caterpillar who is just ready to emerge into a gorgeous colored butterfly making all immensely jealous of your beauty. Here beauty means your attitude of strutting with your neck high and eyes having the vision beyond the sky. One must be ready to pull those pointed fingers down either by speech or by actions but be ready. There is never a dark pitch, we just require lots of halogens focused on the pitch so that the Stone in us shines like a Daimond.

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