Shimga Festival of Kokan

Holi, a true festival of colors is celebrated in many ways and forms in different parts of India. I am taking you to my village, Kosumbh, Ratnagiri. Maharashtra where the Gods arrive at your house. The villagers place the God's and Goddess' in a Palkhi ( a chariot which is carried on shoulders) and bring it your house. The lord and the lady of the house welcome the palkhi and the villagers in their house so that they together can pray for the well being of the family.

Aapla Bangla, Our house 
Rangoli at the door

My Brother brings the chariot home

The God & The Goddess arrive home

Dad washes their feet while Mom welcomes with Aarti

The palkhi is placed in our living room

Closer view at the idols

Villagers relaxing after placing the palkhi

Time for some refreshments

Pohe and Chai

Garland and pooja is done

All pray together for prosperity and peace in not just our but all  the households.

Kids play around the drums

To the next house now

It is heavy chariot made with teak wood.

Next Holi now!

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