Cricket a team game after all!

No I’m a not a diehard cricket freak. Then why am I writing about cricket in my personal blog, it is well connected to my theme, Spread Smiles.

Cricket is one culture in India which instantly brings a big huge passionate smile on a any cricket fan’s face. Be it a Sachin or a Dhoni follower when the team plays, the entire nation smiles together.

The current world cup is the sign off for my thought. The nation has gone ballistic about the dream of Sachin n Dhoni lifting the 2011 Cricket World cup, Together. And I am weirdly a part of the dream. A Sachin fan after all.

I follow cricket just because of Shree, my pest brother who doesn’t watch anything else but the sports channel. So kind off have no option. We two fighting over the remote on an important Indian cricket match is something my mom has witnessed over years.

But now it has become a ritual. Any important match I come running home to watch it with him. With the last India-Australia match I left work early and came home just to watch the match with him (I hope my boss is not reading this one).

There were many matches where he made me wear blue to support India and sit in front of the television to cheer the team. There were also situations when he used to lock me in the balcony since whenever I entered the living room the opposition would either hit a six or India would lose a wicket.

Again each one of us has this lucky charm or a superstitious component with us which help us stick to our belief in the Indian team all the more. He wears this Indian jersey, holds on to his bat when they bat and fiddles around with the season ball every time they ball and I love poking him over this.

Cricket for me is due to my kid brother, I think if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have appreciated cricket. It is just due to him I enjoy cricket. No I don’t love the game, I just love the smiles the game brings to my brother’s face and gives me a chance to dance with him fearlessly when raina/pathan hits a six or zaheer rips those stumps out.

Ultimately cricket is about the team, right. Fighting and facing the tough calls together and dancing in the tune of success. And I have a great team at home waiting for me for today’s india-pak semi final.

Whatever be the end result, cricket for me was always being with the team in a win or in a loss. So cheers to India for the 2011 world cup and cheers to Shree for being such a darling pest.

Happy Cricketing Friends!

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