Al the enthusiasm just rushes back in your feet the moment your friends call up and says, "Chuck everything out we are meeting at the katta today at 5, be there on time else you will sponsor today's treat. Now move fast."

The work files pending on your desk just got completed with maximum efficiency and your bike just races the prime time traffic to reach the Katta:)

Each one of us has that one special place in our lives which has its importance felt even when you grilled under the burden of life trauma. After a long holiday or a business trip, the moment you drop you luggage in your living room you say home sweet home, coz it just feels good to be back to the place your belong, you grow, you cry and where you laugh in spite of anything.

The katta is also a similar place just a slight difference instead of coming to relax you intend to go there to create new stories and new mischiefs with your friends.

I am very sure at some point in your life there might have been one such katta where you just hurdled up with the rest of your clan and did absolutely nothing other than creating nuisance or creating loud noise to the residents of that area.

But the noise for them was like vitamins for the youth full blood like a rock concert; those who don't appreciate it is like noise and for the rest its just sweet heavenly music.

Even i have one such place in my life, the katta, near my degree college out in thane:)

If you be there, at any point of time, you will always find two things very prominently. One, there are always a lot of friends sitting and two, you will witness friendship in al its colors.

Seriously, during the day you find kids (age group of 15- 21) bunking lectures and simply hatching eggs. Once the sun lowers his mightiness the senior citizen capture the space and gossip about their bahu betas. Many relations have been formed over the years since I have witness this place or rather this place has witnessed many relations, some forming really long lasting ties.

The place has seen couples making promises, breaking them as well, 9 friends fighting over a single can of beer, teenager trying out their new bikes, grandma and grandpa finding new romance in life while watching the sunset. Ahhh!:)

My gang, Nirvana, share a very special bond with this Katta of ours. In fact it is this katta who got al of us together in the first place. We celebrated life out here.

Packing gifts for our friends, cutting birthday cakes, completing assignments, applying mehendi for festivals, celebrating with beer on the arrivals of our new bikes, playing games, singing songs, chalking out our career plan to discussing how to get our friends married to actually getting them married ....:) we have been there, done it al:)

There are many episodes in our life which has the katta as the location or rather as the home in a way. If possible I shall get my friends to post in some memories of the Katta, it will be fun. Also i would suggest if you al wish to share in your katta- full of memories, be my guest:)

Till then adios to al... Keep smiling:)


  1. I really hope people do share their thoughts on this.
    Well mine Katta was this place near Centre One Mall, Vashi. Recollecting those days, we have done everything, waiting, planning, fighting and many other things. We still try to meet once in a year over there. Amazingly when we met the last time (me n my group) we had this argument why we still plan to meet at this Katta, well I guess my group will be happy to read this article for sure and thanks Hims for ur thoughts.
    - BJ

  2. hm . . .
    Katta.. lol
    tho i never had ne group.. had a very spcl. person.. i mean ajun aahe..hehe
    dis is wen cel phones wer lik OMG thng..n shopping malls wer jus into makin..'katta' n 'kopcha' ver very imp aspects of one's personal life..bolega to aisa jaga jahan pe kisika raid na pade..
    collg k samne, garden k pass, station pe.. kahi na kahin katta mil hi jata tha..
    ek baar to was w8in on a katta for 7hrs alone.. in fckn bad heat..n waise main khate pite khandan ka hoon na..so bc fatt gayi thi..was fun tho.
    so basically jab bhi kahin ya..koi katte pe milte the to min 1-2hrs nikal jata tha..
    amazingly gud memories.. in fact d best..
    after 8 odd yrs wen we met again..it was McDonalds..later met in sm mall..life changes..ppl change.. katta bhi change ..!!

    havnt spent much time tho..n tho wasn my ilaka or adda ..bt katta wat my dear Hims is talkin abt.. is spcl to m.. emotional indeed..

    left side main pani puri wala n rit side arnd dat circle sandwich wala..wud grab ne1 or both ..depends on cash n ppl..n sit fr smtime occasionaly..

    hey Hims kabhi mauka milega n if u feel to pls bulana if u hapen to b in town..

    bdw i tried to minimize the language barrier as much as possible..specifyn dis cos nai to log bolenge saale ko angreji aati nai hain.. lol..

    happy bloggin..!!

  3. Hi...Himashree...
    Its nice to see you blogging ....
    anyways I'm unaware of Nirvana... (ur Katta)..but i do have mine...
    after sitting 1800 Km away from Mumbai... with dis blog u hit some of memories..good bad all...
    missing all ma friends... and katta life....
    happy blogging ....
    Jai Maharashtra


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