Happily ever after!

I have just started blogging and all I am getting are warnings instead of support. Yeah people are like Hims, you still have to get married, and what if your would-be-honey reads it out? You will be doomed, since he would know the things which are taboo for the Indian husband to know.


I mean its weird how life at twenty four especially for girls (I don’t know if this is the same case with boys hence would just speak for my girl pals) just simply revolves around the buzz word Marriage.

I mean who thought writing a blog and getting married were any where related. Gosh!

So what if I write in the mistakes or the fun I had in the past 24 years, does that change the person I am today? Is the 21st century Indian male still under the influence of the age old cynical thoughts that I am allowed to do anything and everything but my wife should be al pure? No bad thoughts, no bad habits and no bad deeds for my WIFEee. I won’t go into the depths of explaining what is bad; it is left onto individual to grasp.

I always believed that when I grow up, I shall meet my prince charming, fall in love and live happily ever after but then as I grew up and encountered an entire parade of un-charming princes waving at me.

Was it my mistake I had to taste bad chicken before realizing what a good chicken meal is? May be they were, due to lack of judgment on what is good and what is bad.

Whatever; those were my mistakes or al those prince’s were pure breed jerks, they are memories which I cannot regret any more and can’t erase either, so then why not leave them at a turning where al can have a laugh about.

In fact now I am a better person with a good understanding of what is the best for me and my surroundings. And to tell you frankly, I still believe in the goodness of God and Love. I still strongly believe that someone, who is my better half, is out there somewhere. Yes, someone who is open about life and its challenges, who would understand the pros and cons of fighting those challenges and overcoming temptations and proclaim as a better individual.

So friends, thanks for the word of warning but I think blogging and getting married are not connected. If at all it is then, I hope my would-be-honey, whoever it turns out to be, reads this out.

He would there on understand what he is in for :) and then he would be able to have fun in the life ride with me as his life partner. Marriage is an institution where in both have to give some and take some. It is a joint venture where in you need to understand and trust you partner. And as my friend Ankita says, “go get married, it brings out the best in both”, it conveys that when you believe in yourself and in your partner, life does become like any Disney movie, you get you Happily Ever After!


  1. Life is like a disney movie, where u have the good and the bad ...the prince charming and the frog as well...there will always be a witch and a bitch as well...u have to analyse think eventually let go off a few things and then live happily ever after ....happily ever after is not without disappointments ...its u who will turn these diappointments to opportunities, joy and happiness.....marriage is about accepting each other as on where is basis.....secondly ..people advising u to stop blogging and blah blah ....is all fine...marriage and blogging are unrealted ....but it is on the guy u find if he understands u and is open enough he will accept u as u are and as u were and may b lay a few ground rules for the future...but there has to b those rules and acceptance...u ought to change and he will change for u .....there is a prince charming and i m sure everybody gets the prince..its we who turn the prince back to the frog..so wen u get married go one step beyond and take care of ur prince and u ll always be the princess then ..i guarantee...take my word marriage is a lot more fun.....ne case b carefull of wat u write..somethings are better told in person to ur prince.... hav fun ...njoy ..life :)

  2. Himashree da writer....ur writing/blogging too much...good keep going....

    I'll Just say...


    Doesn't matter with whom you are...
    but it does matter how do you tackle your life...
    and just be wise man of your life so as hims said..your life will be destiny movie....


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