About time!

yea about time i shared my experiences with the world...

actually not just my experiences... it would be a box full of memories from my life and the lives of the people who are attached to me.

my friends, my family. my colleagues..... dnt worry im not joining the brandwagon of Me, My and Myself.... it is jus that i happen to know people who have intresting endeavours with life and do not have the time to share it out....or rather write it out...

being my first experience in writing out in public my thoughts and writing would be immautre hence kindly bare with me.

all im trying to say is... im just goin to pin out few points which i experience in my day to day routine which will help spread smiles :)


  1. will be looking up for ur thoughts for sure.... keep writing.
    - BJ

  2. i ll help u do that ...as atleast 10 hours of the day u are with me ...minimum i think...good work keep going .... :) -- AVG

  3. Looking forward to it........keep blogging....and keep smiling... muahs


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