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#CFOT aka Crazy Foodies on Toes is a blog about HubbynMe who love to explore; be it a restaurant, a place, a new wine or Us. We tried to combine our liking of travel, food, photography and writing together on this platform. Eventually with time our friends who regularly read and like this blog have also termed it as our "family blog" and we kinda like this also :).

Photography: http://www.akshaysansare.com/

Writing came to me, HimshreeS, naturally rather let's say genetically through my grandpa who used to make small notes in diary as a daily custom and so did I. So what started from daily insignificant diary custom, today has turned into a passion for writing. Blogging was an outcome of a trigger initiated by my professional career of Software Sales and Marketing which required me to write about software and promote it to the tech world.

 A blend of creative juices with technology always yields greatness. Combining my passion for writing with the tempering of photography sets me out on an adventure tour.  

This blog has been a journey. #CFOT has traveled with me since 2010. Like me it has changed and grown. This journey became more magical when my Hubby, AmitS, accompanied me in 2013 and embraced me along with blog. Not only did he inspire the creative devil in me but also jumped in the wagon and started writing for the blog. Together we intend to spread smiles and continue the magic.

On the blog we talk about our Travel Tales thereby discussing do's-n-don'ts. Then we discuss various eat room options for vegetarian food lovers in Resto Love section and also about experiments I do in Him's Kitchen. AmitS enjoys to venture about Indian festivals, traditions, culture and customs. He shares his know-how and feelings by the medium of Marathi language, our mother tongue, thus connecting to many readers and making optimum use of Google Translators :) in the AmHi Marathi section. Photography is done by both of us. Our photography tools usually consists of our Sony Xperia L & J cell phones, Sony Cybershot or Canon EOS Rebel XS.

If you wish to know more about us or want us to know more about you then do send a mail at crazyfoodiesontoes@gmail.com ,we will be happy to respond. Until then keep reading.

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