Mom's Fish Curry Rice

Fish Curry - By HimshreeS

I will soon be thirty four and started cooking seven to eight years back. And yes, you guessed it right, I started cooking because I got married. Lame reason but that's the truth. Most of the cooking basics my husband taught me and not ashamed to accept that either.

Though majority of Indian girls are still fighting right to education, right to work, right to be safe some of us girls were blessed to enjoy privileges given to us by our progressive parents. Once such privilege was off, आयते जेवायला बसायचे  thats is to sit for a scrumptious meal at your disposal.

When staying with mom you always get a hot meal at any hour of the day. Marathi moms also serve an array of beautiful shivya as an entree but for the love filled degustation to follow, utna chalta hai. One such meal I always miss is her fish curry and rice. In fact every Konkani kid who has grown up eating the goan or malvani fish curry will return home for it.

I have tried to replicate her recipe since the past three years. Ya, I started cooking non vegeterian meal just three years back out of the seven years. Talk about being naive. Nonetheless, I tried to recreate her taste in my fish curries but I ended up creating some different variation everytime. Not that my dishes turn out bad, they have their own flavour which hopefully my son will return home to someday.

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