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Kid Friendly Pumpkin Tomato Basil Soup.

When I mean kid friendly, it means it's

Healthy,Nutrients RichCalorie Densebut it's never a guarantee that your kid will like it because we mothers know what works on one kid might not work on other. 😅but still posting because we mothers need to keep trying.😋 

Plus a perfect Halloween Pumpkin Soup Recipe

So let's begin.
Pumpkin : 500 gms Tomatoes: 4 riped  Potatoe: 1 medium (You can also replace it with sweet potato of desired)  Carrots: 2 small Fresh Basil : Handful  Onion: 1 big Olive Oil: 3 tbsp Tomato Puree: 2 -3 tbsps Seasoning: Black Pepper, Sugar and Salt. Coconut milk for garnish 
1. Clean, Peel, Chop vegetable into rough chunks. 2. In a small pressure cooker, saute all the vegetables in Olive Oil until soft.  3. Add some seasoning of salt and sugar. Stir and pressure cook with some water (1 cup) for about three whistles.  4. Once pressure cooker cools off, finely blend the entire mixture in a mixer or with help of hand blender. 5. Pass the mi…