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Sustainable Food Choices-aka-Go Traditional

We like it when traditional foods, clothes and lifestyle choices trend on our social media feeds but rarely do we actually put them into action even though we are aware of the benefits it will bring to our lives. 

In today's article I will be discussing Traditional Food Habits which have helped me attain a better, happier and healthier version of myself. No, I am not discussing weight loss tips and tricks though most of concepts coupled with a regular exercise regimen may also aid weight loss of course it will solely depend on individual preference and body adaptability. We will be discussing traditional food habits which our forefathers religiously practised and they still hold true in today’s frantic age where we are in dire need of sustainable options to survive. We have been ignoring these concepts because of modern day fads and corporate marketing strategies. If we want a healthy generation, who are invariably always looking up to social media and google for #lifegoals #fashio…