Thirthy Three Thoughts at 33!

  1. Life is neither short nor long, it is NOW!
  2. Time changes by the second, now it is good and now your world is just upside down
  3. Plans always fail because they are meant to fail.
  4. Having said the above, always oh! always have a Plan B! and if required a Plan C.
  5. Clothes are meant to Fit you, not the other way around.
  6. People will body shame at all sizes thus learn to ignore.
  7. Your body should be fit to house your excitement hence learn to respect and take care of it very early.
  8. People change thus status quo of relationships change ergo life situations change. 
  9. Thus Learn to Adapt.
  10. If life is about getting those tick marks against the bucket List items it is also about erasing a few items so that you can live one for a bit longer.
  11. One should fall in Love at least once in their lifetime.
  12. Love, Relationships, Marriages, Divorces, Live -in, Breakups, are just between those two people not for anyone's tea time discussion. Period.
  13. Personal Space laws also apply to Chat Conversations.
  14. Adults are supposed to have discussions, the Barista empire is built on these conversations.
  15. There are many things man and woman do differently and there are good reasons for it. So let them be,
  16. And then there are a few things which all genders can do so let us all do them.
  17. Learning never stops at any age.
  18. Education is a must not only for financial stability but mainly for emotional independence.
  19. Perceptions are the main game changers for any life battles.
  20. Ignorance is Bliss. We know but We ain't using it enough against naysayers. 
  21. Choose your battles wisely.
  22. If possible choose only those battles where you can't afford to lose come what may, else just let it go.
  23. You can't win all.
  24. And thus by this rule, you can't lose all. 
  25. Online Window Shopping is a wonderful stress buster. 
  26. Stress and Depression are real. Do not Ignore.
  27. Dance more often.
  28. Confidence is the only accessory a girl needs which must be built in them by their fathers.
  29. Chivalry must be taught to boys by their mothers and moms should never stop.
  30. Minimalism doesn't necessarily mean being frugal.
  31. Be around children they remind you that you can laugh out loud, in reality, and not just via emojis. 
  32. Happiness is... sliding down the slide again ..... just this time with your kid.
  33. Understanding that you are not getting any younger but seeing to it that you always feel young.
That's it from us in 2018. See you January with some new thoughts and lots of craziness.
Wishing you a Happy New Year๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†


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