My Lifestyle Motives!?

We are almost to the end of October 2018 and within a flash, the year will also change to a new beginning. But why do we require an end and a start time frame to achieve a rhythm? We get into the banter of resolutions and then start smashing it out of schedules. Resolutions stopped working for me because it implies a routine restriction or addition which may or may not be achievable due to a variety of human excuses.

At the start of the year, we decide to start with a brand new slate but by the middle of the week, the slate is scribbled with chaos. I am no exception. During my twenties, I have done the whole resolution shebang but those were the years where I was focused on education and career building activities and it worked then. But now in my thirties, things are different.
Also, I believe that
Resolutions are born out of Regrets.

Yes, for example, you regret not paying attention to your health hence you decide to go hit the gym next year or you regret splurging too much in this year hence you go frugal next year or you regret not having to spend quality time with family and friends due to work hence you start sulking and regret choosing this job,so on so forth.

I stopped making resolutions because I stopped regretting my current life scenario. I do wonder time to time but I stopped regretting my decisions because it is just not worth wasting time in sulking instead make new decisions and move on. You can read more about it here So no more resolutions for me but instead, I have Lifestyle Motives. Lifestyle Motives or Lifestyle Motivation resonated with me because they are part of your Dream Process or Life Goals.  

As a kid you dream (set a goal)  about being a superhero, in youth you try to gather tools to achieve those superhero dreams and then mid-youth you realize dreams are only human they change with time and then maturity teaches you that you need to work your ass off day in, day out so that you can live those dreams, because that's what dreams are made off, 10% aspirations and 90% perspiration.

Let me explain,

If you dream to buy a country home to stay after retirement, then how you will live there, what will you have there and who you would want to live with becomes a dream that you have to live every day, work for it in order to save for it every day, make changes to other everyday activities and then someday you will comfortably live that dream only if you work towards it step by step every day. 

What are Lifestyle Motives?

I feel to each is their own. What motivates a person to draft a certain Life Goal will vary exponentially from person to person. What comforts me, may not make sense to someone else. Perceptions are different but every individual is ultimately looking out to be happy, to be content. 

Happiness is.... anything and everything that makes your Soul find solace and contentment. 

What are my Lifestyle Motives? 

I believe that Life Goals can phase out or alter but the way you approach your life goals makes all the difference. So what is my approach ?? Read on...

Only you can fuel your soul, no one else can.

My Self- Motivation Approach is mainly working around these below concepts:
  • Simplify
  • Communicate 
  • Just do it
  • Focused
  • Forward-Looking 
  • Productive

Hope my #cfoters are having a fantabulous #firstweekend of #2018. Hope by now everyone out off their "making resolution phase" & hopefully crossing the bridge to the "yes I will do this" zone. As for me...I stopped making resolutions long time ago.. I just makes selective lifestyle choices. Last year my choices were to "Simplify",to "Communicate"& to "Just do it"... This year I choose on "Being Focused, Foward Looking & Productive" Calling it the #cfot_ffprule ........ Most often not we are burden with stress because we try to multitask. Focusing on one thing at a time can actually decrease mistakes & help you increase your productivity. I understand plans fail but if one is focused on a forward-looking approach we can still achieve productive results. It's all intertwined, So..You gonna be with me, aren't you? ....... #lifegoals #lifestylechoices #lifestylerules #cfot_thoughts #bloggers #blog #lifestyleblog
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We often deviate from achieving our goals because we think it is too complicated. 

  • To publish a book is too complicated because....excuse
  • To be fit is too complicated because... excuse
  • To read a book every month because I do not have time because......another excuse
  • To be a minimalist is too complicated ..... cause you definitely have a good excuse
Life struggles are real but they are not that complicated as we make them in our heads. Whatever your goal, don't get bogged down by all the "excuses". Break it down, simplify the action points so that it becomes easy to visualize and thereby work towards it. 

One of my life goals is to write a book. Yeah! Someday. 

So for me, I tell myself,
  1.  If you want to be a writer you have to write
  2. You need to give a certain time to write
  3. You must finish chores effectively so that you are free to write.
Be it a sentence on the Instagram post or a blog post or a part of that book you think u are going to write. You need to write and then work on the draft for improvisations. To give yourself the time you have to simplify your other activities so that they do not consume you and in turn, you get quality time to write. See, Simple. 

I have had a fair share of "complicated" in my life but now, " I need Simple".
I struggle time to time with this concept because this is my core moto to get things rolling. I also try to simplify my lifestyle activities in accordance with my Life Goal of someday being a Minimalist. I feel you can't attain minimalism if you have too much stuff to deal with. This concept helps at many levels. Making decisions also becomes easy as you know what your end goal which is to simplify your life.


I let my bae know about my life goals irrespective how pointless they might seem. It helps me rationalize and the moment it is out in the open it is put into discussions and it most often leads to making a plan to actually work towards it.

Communicate your Life Goals to somebody, they might criticize or appriciate but ultimately it will motivate you to chase your dreams either out of determination or egotism.

Just Do It

I have procrastinated many passionate to-dos just out social pressure. What will they think? I have learned to say F#@% Off to those thoughts right. I have understood that until I give it a try, I would never know if I will succeed or fail. If my rational thinking allows me, I Just Do It. 

Be a new recipe. Trying a new look. Writing my thoughts on InstaStories. I do not get bogged down by the thought, Haila log kya sochenge. If it works great for the society if it doesn't I will keep on experimenting and will just keep on doing it. 


This is the trickiest of all. I believe in priorities but we never 100% focus on them. During my corporate career, I used to boast about how multitasking I can be. Frankly, it is bull shit. I ended up exhausting myself and by the end of the day it felt that I have ticked those job lists but something or the other always remained pending. I have stopped multitasking and it has been a game changer for me. 

Like suppose at a certain time of the day my priority is to exercise but then I thought I will also capture pictures for my Instagram feed, but then I usually end up scrolling through my phone and the get distracted and one thing leads to another and before I know I am traveling from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook and by end of it I have lost no calories at all and neither have I got any good pictures. So now, if it is a shoot day I shoot, if it is an exercise day then it is just about working those muscles. 

Work with absolute focus on the task in hand, you will increase the quality of your output. 


"We cannot predict the future, we cannot change the past,  hence live your present" such a cliche proverb I tell you but it is true. Yea, We can plan, we can focus but most often plans do not work. 

What I do in such situations? If I am in a mess or a crossroad then my birth default of OVERTHINKING comes in handy. I think through to the situation and most often it will give us only two possibilities. Success or Failure. Then I ask myself the most important question, 
What will happen if you fail and what will happen if you succeed? 

Once the answer is deciphered it doesn't take a genius to make the right move which is working Forward and Looking for ways to succeed so that you do not lose something very dear. 


The entire above jargon is done for this one word, Productive. I sleep well if have had a productive day. If I was even remotely useful as a human being today then I feel happy and I go to sleep with a smile and feeling motivated for the next days' Goals. 

Hope you found my lifestyle motives interesting enough to at least give a thought and if they appealed to you then leave your thoughts below in the comments section. I would love to discuss this topic and hopefully, we can bounce of good vibes. 

Until next time, Chao! 

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