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My Last Post, A Note to Younger-Self got a decent applaud which means that the article received few interactions & few numerous clicks. It may not be much in the blogging world but it means the world to me. Thank you my reading audience for the appreciation. That says I ain't boring you guys, as yet.😌😋

I am grateful for the love but that also puts an unsaid performance pressure of getting it right every time. I am not complaining, I am just putting a point forward. We, humans, feel pressurized once we do something good/ or get something right because then the world expects perfection everytime you make an appearance. And we get smothered under 'expectations' sometimes we do succeed to make it all happen but sometimes we don't.

The same happens to, no wait...not same. The 'same' amplified exponentially happens with Mothers, especially Millennial Mothers. I am not putting down mothers of earlier eras but right now in this internet era everything and everyone is so much well connected that it is easy to let "opinionated comments" screw up your otherwise was OK kinda day which usually comprises of tiny human poop cleaning, crying furiously & messing up your home/clothes/head, etc. Yes, this is an 'OK Day' for a mother. The not-so-okay-days you really don't want to know.

This notion that mothers are superwomen is putting an unnecessary burden on these caregivers. If that is not enough the loved one, who these mother slog to take care off, unintentionally take them for granted.

We assume that MOMs have to get it right everytime and they are always there to take care. They are not allowed to flip out. It is assumed that they will change the diapers every time and with the same filthy hands, they will churn out delicacies every time without fail. Alright, we do wash our hands' zillion time that's how our kids know how to waste handwash when moms not looking, but you get the point.

Mommy talking or rather ranting:  😊

My munchkin just turned three and all I can think off is, am I doing this right? This whole parenting/mothering shenanigans Am I doing it right? 
  • Am I feeding him right? (I have a boy hence him, not gender biased)
  • Am I feeding him enough? 
  • Am I giving him enough non-screen experience? 
  • Am I disciplining him too much or too little? 
  • Am I letting him sleep more than usual kids should? 
  • Am I not teaching him to be a good human?
  • Am I not being a good mother??  

After degrading my self-esteem and intellect for a good amount of time I have concluded that we, mothers ( parents) can't and won't be able to protect our kids from anything and everything. This is not something new to that I figured out but accepting this is something new.

When I walked out of the hospital with this tiny fragile squishy baby, I was so confident that I will be the best and I will get everything that is the best for my child but it took me three years of growing up with this cutie pie to accept that all I can do is keep trying but I won't succeed, most of the times.
We can just provide a healthy ecosystem for the child rest all is unforeseen & untold. 

Enough of the Mommy-Talk let's discuss things which might make our mom life tad bit easy. Things that I learned on the job.

Things every mom should know, that:

  • No two days are the same. 
  • You may not be able to have luxury baths anymore
  • There won't be much time to pee or you would always have company even in the restroom
  • Chores need not be Fancy they need to be Basic & to the point.
  • No, you are not the only one checking on that sleeping baby to see if they are breathing.
  • And yes, they sometimes sleep a little longer and drive you nuts
  • The tips you get from "various sources" may or may not be applicable to your baby
  • If a certain tip worked the one time for your kid it is highly possible it may never work again
  • Kids are the creatures of routine if that goes for a toss be ready for a cranky monster
  • You have to be experimental with routines at the start but once you get a hang of it to make sure you reinforce them as ringmaster of course when kids fall sick no routine is important.
  • And, They fall sick all the time
  • They tumble all the time
  • They are energetic all the time with or without sugar. 
  • Simplest thing like getting a haircut can traumatize them. 
  • They can laugh without any reason. 
  • They make you laugh when you are the angriest at them.
  • Being a mother is glamorous only in track pants & skids. 
  • Parenting never stops.
The list is endless but ill stop and I will update this list a few years later because I am still a student and still learning on the job. Each year growing is a different challenge. I am pretty sure even my mother must be having her set of challenges mothering me even at this age. So now quickly a few tricks that helped me but as I said may or may not help you but it is worth the try.

Tricks of the Trade: 

  • Distraction is your biggest tool. If you can distract your child you will save yourself from embarrassing situations. Distraction can be anything a new object pulled out from your purse or a new song. 
  • Talking to them while making eye contact usually works. They like feeling equal. 
  • When after distraction and talking to them doesn't work then bribes will work. Oh! Whatever those parenting articles say will go down the drain once those scary tantrums start and only bribes like sugar and chocolate will rescue you. Use them. No shame parents, no shame.
  • Online Shopping is a boon to use it wisely. Click here to read about our top five favorite apps 
  • Bath time is your spa time. You may not have lengthy baths but even the small amount of time you spend taking care of yourself should be bang on target. Invest in good products like body wash, a good conditioner, and a good few razors.  
  • Diaper bag essentials are actually food, diapers and wet wipes rest all is moh- maya. 
  • Save and practice some nutritious instant food recipes like khichadi, oats, pancakes, pasta, milkshakes, etc because you won't be able to spend much time in the kitchen & you cannot feed junk to your baby. 
  • Buy baby products which are readily available in your vicinity. Like my kid loves the Chicoo toothpaste in strawberry flavor but at times it is not available at our regular medical shop and he won't brush his teeth with anything else. 
  • There are only 24 hours in a day, and there is only so much you can do. Don't beat yourself up. Leave the dishes that can be tackled tomorrow but right now cuddling that crying baby is necessary, so do that and enjoy that. They grow up fast
  • Set a time for every activity you do to get things done efficiently. Bath 3 mins and out, dishes 15-mins, folding clothes- 20 mins.. so on so forth. It helps. Try it. 
  • Invest in a good bathtub for kids it makes bath time fun for both parties. 
  • Buy a lot of air fresheners when you start potty training.
  • Let friends and family buy toys because you as a mother will think of the mess your child will create and which you have to clean up while purchasing the toys and probably you will devoid them of the fun they will have. So leave the toys to friends and family. 
I think this is enough for today. Phew!!. You mothers have anything to rant about be my guest and pour your heart in the comments section. You know where to find us on social media, just search for #crazyfoodiesontoes we will pop up on your screens.

Until next, Chao!

PS: Being a mother is difficult but at the end of the hard day when my son hugs me and sleeps, I smile and sleep wishing for a wonderfull tomorrow with him.


  1. I look forward to it posts everytime! It's such a joy reading them... There is catharsis in knowing that it's not always you at the receiving end.. it's a universal 'MOM' thing! So there is actually no point fretting instead just going on with life and finding happiness in those little things will help us go a long way!

  2. you nailed it dear, mom never satisfied with what they already been doing.


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