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My Last Post, A Note to Younger-Selfgot a decent applaud which means that the article received few interactions & few numerous clicks. It may not be much in the blogging world but it means the world to me. Thank you my reading audience for the appreciation. That says I ain't boring you guys, as yet.😌😋

I am grateful for the love but that also puts an unsaid performance pressure of getting it right every time. I am not complaining, I am just putting a point forward. We, humans, feel pressurized once we do something good/ or get something right because then the world expects perfection everytime you make an appearance. And we get smothered under 'expectations' sometimes we do succeed to make it all happen but sometimes we don't.

The same happens to, no wait...not same. The 'same' amplified exponentially happens with Mothers, especially Millennial Mothers. I am not putting down mothers of earlier eras but right now in this internet era everything and everyon…