A Note for the Younger ME!

The ME can be me, or you or even US.
The ME can be me with happiness or with sadness
The Me can be me, with a problem or with a solution 
The ME can be me, just a day prior or someone who still doesn't exist. 

We often gaze at the ceiling in the night and let the clock run miles while surfing through memories and acts we did just out of lack of experience or out of the-sheer-spur-of-the-moment feelings, only to realize years later that we could have acted bit sensibly to our benefits.

The night turns to dawn while asking, was that a right thing to do? Could the situation be different if I had not emoted so fiercely? Grinning while answering,' does she/he still think about you?" Sighing many a time and most often not regretting a few decisions. 

The ifss and the butts keep revolving like the ceiling fan, making you question your choices.  You wake up in the morning with dark circles, throw some cold water over your face and get on with your day. You might have decided on something based on the calculations the night did for you but all you wish is to go back in time and tell your younger self to rectify a few chapters in your life. 

How easy it would have been? Alas! That's not possible in the real world but in the blogging world I can pen them down, wishing that some another version of Me, somewhere under the clouds reads this note and finds at least useful if not hopeful.

Coming to the Note I would give to my younger self, here it goes:-

Dear Younger ME, 

.... ( wherever you are)

  1. Know when to be Opinionated: You tend to form opinions at an instant without scrutinizing facts or situations. That's ok, as yet, because that what is called being young & restless so forming opinions is one but at least know when to shut up. You need not tell immediately what is running through your mind. Assimilate, Think a zillion times and then channelize if the Opinion Seeker is even seeking for an opinion. Sometimes people just come to you because you are a good listener and not because they want you to comment on it. It is ok not to give opinions or suggestions every time. Even if people ask for your opinions only render some if you think it is worthy enough of their time and yours else just save your energy, be emphatic towards your storyteller and ponder over later while sipping some coffee. Speaking of Coffee, Your love for coffee will be immortal. Happy?
  2. Forgiving Attitude: Life is very unpredictable to hold a grudge. Talk it out and finish the deal or learn to ignore and forgo. The main problem is that you won't sleep at night with a heavy heart. You cant. In fact, no one can sleep peacefully if they have a hate story or grudge or anxiety or restless curiosity hovering their dream space. Thus there are just two techniques,
    1.  call that person and talk it out, fight it out if necessary, Laughing it out would be best and then say sorry and move on.
    2. or call your #BFF and bitch it out.
  3. Be Experimental: Do not stop. I repeat do not STOP.  Be experimental in your ideas. Being creative is like having a vacation every now and then. Try new things whether it is relishing a new cuisine, try a new clothing style, cosmetics, gadgets or for that matter taking up a random course or anything that you think you would never do, try that also. Give it a shot at least once then have your opinions and then think of sharing your opinions. (See we are back to point number 1 ) And you write your shit in your diary (which I think is very human) but How about starting a blog?! I think you will be good at it and people will like to read it. You do have some good thoughts.
  4. Learn to Accept: I know you do not like changes NOBODY DOES sweets but the fact is Status Quo of relationships, people, places, ideas, sentiments, etc keeps on CHANGING and that is what helps to keep the momentum of life. Stagnancy is very cruel, nothing flourishes in a stagnant relationship or a place or mind. Sooner or later you will also accept that fact even you will change for better or for worse. You also need to know it is not always that you will be the Harry Potter of your story. In fact, you need not be the lead always, you can still create wonders in a supporting role.
  5. Plans rarely work: You will plan for the moon but you might end up at Timbucktoo with no baggage and probably with an unexpected company. Scary?? Naah! Live it up rather suck it up till the last drop because these are the stories you will discuss with your BFFs in your thirties.
  6. Minimalism & Sustainability: These two words are like introducing an alien to you but you will love the idea of being a minimal millennial who has life goals which are sustainable not just at the individual level but for the family and probably for your community also. You are indulging in trends without learning the consequences it has on your lifestyle, health and maybe the environment. Try to be aware of your purchases. Always ask yourself questions before indulging into any impulse buys, like Do I really need this? Do I really love this?
  7. Life Motive: You are young and beautiful and dynamic so life motives will keep on changing with every frivolous moment and it is OK. You will grow into or out of something, & it is OK. Don't be harsh on yourself or don't be too laid back. Give it a try. Things may look ordinary or uninteresting in a phase of life but for making something extraordinary you need to TRY. Failures are good, Rejections are even better, they give birth to the Fighter within so don't be afraid to fall down. You will pick yourself up and keep marching forward.
  8. Nourishment: You love food, you find solace in food, me too still. Just get into a practice of understanding your food better so that you can have a healthy and a fit body to house the enthusiasm your heart stores.
  9. You are Monica: Yes, you read that right, You always thought you are Pheobe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S  but you are not. You do have a flare or two of her but you going to turn into Monica soon. You are going to be an organizing and cleanliness neat freak. You won't be able to sleep peacefully if you have dishes in the kitchen sink and you will quit drinking beer and relish a Whiskey on the rocks, with a twist. So Cheers!!

Now, you must be expecting a 10th point, to sum up, and to satisfy your OCD eyes but get used to this, there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection is a delusion. You cannot have a perfect score always. You may or may not be able to relate to everything I jot down or it may also happen that, it strikes a freaking resemblance with your thought process. Time and again; Time has proven that Change is the only Constant thing. If you are having issues with the current life situations then dear accepting the change is the only way forward. The moment you accept the change {good or bad is up to your perception}, you are in a better frame of mind to tackle the battle ahead. It will ease some performance pressure and will make passage into the next phase a tad bit simpler. And when you will look back wondering what went right or what went wrong read the below line, you might find solace because I did too, I still do

Lots of Love,
A Little Older Wondering ME!


  1. Great thought. If the past would have been regret older us will never wonder about it while looking at the revolving fan waiting for the dawn.

  2. Thankyou. From Regrets to mistakes to wonderings... The process is called growing up I guess.. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Great.. selection of words๐Ÿ‘


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