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A Note for the Younger ME!

The ME can be me, or you or even US. The ME can be me with happiness or with sadness The Me can be me, with a problem or with a solution  The ME can be me, just a day prior or someone who still doesn't exist. 

We often gaze at the ceiling in the night and let the clock run miles while surfing through memories and acts we did just out of lack of experience or out of the-sheer-spur-of-the-moment feelings, only to realize years later that we could have acted bit sensibly to our benefits.
The night turns to dawn while asking, was that a right thing to do? Could the situation be different if I had not emoted so fiercely? Grinning while answering,' does she/he still think about you?" Sighing many a time and most often not regretting a few decisions. 
The ifss and the butts keep revolving like the ceiling fan, making you question your choices.  You wake up in the morning with dark circles, throw some cold water over your face and get on with your day. You might have decided on somethi…