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Soups for the Soul

Soups are wholesome meals which work wonders towards replenishment of your body. Soup can hold maximum nutrients if done right. Actually even if not done right, add some Italian spice mix or some freshly crushed black pepper and you still be able to slurp some deliciousness and health into your guts.
Today I give you not one but three different colored soup recipes by using more or less the same ingredients but the color changes when you highlight one ingredient.  Carrot Soup: Carrot, Tomato, Broccoli, Black Peppercorns, Garlic CloveBeetroot Soup: Beetroot, Tomato, Carrots, French Beans, Broccoli, Black PeppercornsSpinach Soup: Palak, Moong Daal, Basil, Onions, Green Chilli, Garlic Clove Before I get into the recipe, Why these soups and what is so special about these soups?  All the three are targeted towards not just filling up the tummy but in fact, can boost your hemoglobin levels instantly.Each of them has one core ingredient which is rich in antioxidants.These soups are easy to ma…