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Beat the Stress

Stressed out...  Why?  Don't answer .. it can be anything. Like literally anything. 
Important exam stress to office promotion stress to getting married stress to having a child stress to children's exam stress to saas bahu saga stress to nagging wife stress to husband not paying attention stress to financial stress to emotional attyachaar stress to life is so boring stress to health is aweful stress to long distance relationship stress to no space in relationship stress to how do I get out off this mess stress... 
Have I covered enough? I go on & on..but you get the point. Anything and everything you can think of can be stressful.

Note: CAN BE StreSsFul... it may not necessarily be stressful to an other individual. Perception is the key, but that's a different topic for some other time.
Coming back to Stress...
Each individual's ability to handle stress is different and most often than not challenged by Life, time and again.  Whatever the situation, & mark my…