The "Married" Valentine

I have grown in an era where Madhuri Dixit who played Pooja in the movie Dil Toh Pagal hai.. celebrated a mystical valentine's day which coincides with Poonam ka Chaand (full moon) and who believed that the one who is made for her will meet her on this "very Yash Chopra Film special" Valentine's day.

This was also the time where the "Sainiks" collaborated with other self-declared moral police and would lash out at teenage lovebirds who were probably not even sure if the date they are caught with is really in love with them or vice versa. Oh, forget love ...Love is a too strong word.. for these teenage hormones on a secret date which was busted by those goons who probably had nothing better to do or no one to do πŸ˜‹. 

I grew up where there were debates on topics this is not our Sanskriti, these days are all 'the influences of the WEST' v/s 'What's the harm in having a special day where you can spend some time loving each other v/s then why love on just one day ... Love every day, 365 days... LoL!

I have witnessed those Valentine's day where pocket money was saved from the month of December so that a decent greeting card, chocolate, and a red rose could be given to your sweetheart in February. If lucky then probably even take the date to an Udipi restaurant for dosa and coffee.

Now I'm all grown up... I think... πŸ˜† 

and... I am married to my soul-mate (yes he's just not my husband) who I love to the moon and back ...and together we have a son the epitome of our love .....(I'm laughing out loud here because the parent in me is saying...yeah right!) 

So... What does Valentine's Day look like now? is first checked if it falls on a weekend or a weekday. Then rest of charade can follow .. you know the dinner,  date, gifts, getting dressed, etc etc...

If it's mid of the week then let's order in or cook a meal which can be fancyly plated for Instagram photosπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

And after the baby, it's very efficiently celebrated. Oh! The Baby is asleep. Happy Valentine's Darling πŸ’• Muaa muaa... and Let's sleep before the kid wakes up again. And zzzzzz!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sometimes it is not even celebrated. Currently in a long distance marriage situation due to work commitments and thus valentine's day is expressed on WhatsApp by sharing GIFS with I Love You slogan. 

Oh..wait!! the new edition of Valentine's Day in my Life.

For 14th February, at my son's school they are celebrating Red Day and have asked students to get heart shaped biscuits or cookies in their snack box. And I am thinking .. since when did valentine's day became acceptable at school.It might be confusing in the long run for kids because I believe that Valentine's day is strictly about romantic partner/ relationship. Ok! They are not naming it as valentine's day but hey! potato - pothato. Eventually when the time is right might have to do "The Talk" and tell them difference between different "Loves" or maybe they will Google it up anyways. Why bother?! πŸ˜‚

Nonetheless, I love the idea and the opportunity to celebrate 'Love'. Life takes toll on adult-romantice-relationships and having this one day where the entire market is filled with romantic gift options is an excellent way to jest up you Love Life... It is absolutely not necessary to shell out your wallets but hey roses always work. 🌹

Surprising your Married-Valentine with gifts or surprise dates can be difficult but not unachievable. Buy them things they have been putting it for the next month's budget for almost many months now. Thus you know you are getting them the things they need and will Love.

Ofcourse, there is absolutely no need to buy any gift if you can gift each other five minutes of your time be it virtually or physically and just talk about you and your partner. 

Just talk about the He and the She in the relationship. Leave the mother-father, son-daughter, son-in-law - daughter in-law, away for these five minutes. 

Tell each other that you adore them, remind each other why you fell in love and and unapologetically say I Love You,My Valentine! πŸ’•


  1. Yeah... This Gen Z will have legit halloween n V DayπŸ™„

  2. With our kids...we better be prepared for the awkward moment when our kids bring home their valentine's day date 😬😬


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