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Travel Guide for Family with Toddler

Bali!, Bali! , Bali!.... applauded me and my son for almost a month prior to the actual trip exuberantly and hubby would laugh us off with an eye roll. The excitement levels were high because this was our first international trip as a family. We have done road trips with our little man here..but those were like taking a home run. This trip taught us what exactly happens when people say they get jetlagged. It also trained us in clicking "blog worthy" snaps while consoling a cranky baby in one arm and not to forget it taught us the most important thing that come-what-may
Parenting is  .... never being off-duty!!

Let's tackle the basic motto of this article that is sharing our experience of traveling with a toddler overseas, in the hope that some parent planning a trip will find this helpful. We have talked about travel experience in Part 1, this is Part 2.

As our usual style, we are dividing our observation into the following categories
Choosing Stay LocationFl…

Refreshing Cup of Balinese Coffee

Hey lovely #CFOTers!! Hope you got a chance to go read our Bali Experience and hoping that it gave you some insight about Bali if you have it in your wanderlust. Adding an addendum with this article about our visit to Kedai Amertha Coffee & Meals, a humble coffee shop at Tanah Lot.

We Indians very fond of our cutting Chai (Tea) & Coffee at street side stalls especially in the evenings. So after a beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot, on our way back, we ended up asking our driver : 'Don't you have a street side stall for Coffee or Tea'. Driver might have  not understood that we were looking out for a  Chai Tappri 😀 but he judged that we craved for a hot beverage. After awhile he asked "Need a coffee?" and we beamed with a loud Yes!, he immediately took an U turn in the middle of the road, drove about 100 feet and parked the car and informed "You get Good local coffee here !"
And we were happy souls!! We were in front of a small shack structure named Am…

Bali, Indonesia; Travel Guide

Bali, Indonesia is an island filled with serenity and amazement. This harmonious location has to offer something to every kind of traveler. If you desire luxury opt for Seminyak, If you want to party crazy then stay at Kuta, if you love hiking then head for Kintamani, If you adore vegan food then Ubud is your bounty. Just define your travel needs and Bali has it all for your perfect dream vacation. From the luxurious pool villas to the cozy rice field rentals; pick your travel style, budget, passport and head off to Bali, Indonesia.

Ngurah Rai International Airport welcomes the voyager with the refreshing oceanic waves dancing adjacent to the runway. More than 140 countries are exempted from visa regulations to Bali. Thus without any further adieu, you can begin your fiesta.

We like to plan our own holidays but getting good hotel reservations and authentic local guides can be tricky, that is why we trust Our Vacations. They have been our travel partners for the third time. We tell th…