Our Top 5 Shopping Sites or Apps

There was a time when AmHi would spend time gazing through the aisles of a grocery store, checking out different products, plan meals and then stand in the long queue without any annoyance  at the billing counter gossiping about life in general.

But since #crazyfoodieonliltoes came into our lives, Physical Shopping has a been a big NO! The little man just cannot handle stores. We have tried taking him to different stores,big small, but take him in inside a shop and he just loses his cool and we lose our patience.

That's how we first turned to online shopping and then of course the array of offers available do leverage this choice. So bringing to you our top 5 apps/ sites where we love shopping.

No1. Amazon App\ www.amazon.in

Well, this one is a no brainer. We are Amazon Prime subscribers too that makes shopping on amazon all the more convenient because the delivery is expedited. Electronics, my latest Moto G4 plus, Diapers, kitchen organisers, little man's cradle, wall stickers, etc etc... when we first think of a purchase we first scroll on the amazon app. Most of the stuff we think is available on the site and in a much better deal. Having said that I wouldn't recommend buying fashion accessories from here because we have done it twice and both incidents bought me broken pieces and a long trail of communication with customer service and a refund of course.

No2. BigBasket App\ www.bigbasket.com

When demonetisation struck the Indian economy every penny mattered to the Indian Homemaker. Kid's piggy banks where raided to get basic necessities like vegetables. Fortunately we did not go through this mayhem because we are bigbasktiers. We have been shopping from  www.bigbasket.com since its inception.We initially turned to this site when AmHi followed the 'corporate-monday to friday-working-time table' and we only had the weekend to shop for groceries. We liked their service, products and fresh produce so much that there was simply no turning back. Plus the app has this Smart Basket feature which gives us our most sort out products thus when we are not in position to experiment much in the kitchen it helps us stay in the 'budget'. We did have few hiccups with their app initially especially with the payment section but improvisations keep on happening.

No3. Myntra App

We like Myntra because it is an extremely user friendly app as compared to few other shopping apps. Affordable fashion pieces in premium sizes 😉, easy returns & exchange and in-time delivery.

No4. Pepperfry App\ www.pepperfry.com 

Sometime  you need those exclusive products for your house and you really don't want to run in through the entire city then Pepperfry is always there to the rescue. It has interesting pieces in various categories on home furnishings. Shopping with pepperfry has been a pleasure no hassles no regrets whatsoever.

No5. Zomato

We have extensively used somato to an extent that Zomato has started to predict our hunger pangs. Zomato's food tracking and customer feedback game is spot on. Thus assuring that you wont stay hungry.

That's it. Those our 5 top go to apps for online shopping. The other shopping sites which we have rarely used are
  • Lenskart : Click here to know about our experience
  • Shopclues
  • Zivame
  • Souq.com KSA : since Am travelled frequently to Saudi Arabia for work this entire year hence few items purchased over the year are from Saudi Souq. 

Please note this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and reviews are ours only. Until next post, cya.
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