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Ghar Ki Murgi Dal Barabar

A famed proverb, Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar,  when literally decoded means that even a dish as delish as chicken if cooked at home is an equivalent to the homemade dal (lentil soup) which is blaah in taste.  
On the contrary, We love our homemade Dal Rice or Varan Bhat (वरण भात ). Nothing is as soothing a steam Rice, bubbly hot वरण (daal), with तूप (Ghee or clarified butter), accompanied with mango pickle & fried papad. Ohhh .... my my.... Food Heaven. 

Dal is highly undermined dish. Being the easiest source of plant protein , dals must be incorporated into our food plans often to have a wholesome balanced diet. Plus these pulses are so versatile with few value additions of spices and veggies they are a healthy comfort food by themselves.
They are so many variations of dal recipes available on the internet that even if we plan to make one new recipe in a week then in an year we would oddly be trying out 50 new variants of dal. Howz that???  😆
Dal is an ideal way to camouflage va…

Our Top 5 Shopping Sites or Apps

There was a time when AmHi would spend time gazing through the aisles of a grocery store, checking out different products, plan meals and then stand in the long queue without any annoyance  at the billing counter gossiping about life in general.

But since #crazyfoodieonliltoes came into our lives, Physical Shopping has a been a big NO! The little man just cannot handle stores. We have tried taking him to different stores,big small, but take him in inside a shop and he just loses his cool and we lose our patience.

That's how we first turned to online shopping and then of course the array of offers available do leverage this choice. So bringing to you our top 5 apps/ sites where we love shopping.

No1. Amazon App\

Well, this one is a no brainer. We are Amazon Prime subscribers too that makes shopping on amazon all the more convenient because the delivery is expedited. Electronics, my latest Moto G4 plus, Diapers, kitchen organisers, little man's cradle, wall sticker…