Breakfast Routine

AmHi are mutually exclusive to each other when it comes to rising early. 'Am' loves getting up early even on  the weekends and 'Hi' can keep on snuggling till the sun hits the roof. Having said that nowadays as parents we find that this is the only hour where we get our time, our couple time. Hence WE make a deliberate effort to wake up together and enjoy a cup of tea with the chirping sparrows. Over five years of being married,we both have grown into the habit of not making the start of the day difficult for each other. This is our suggestion to other couples as well,

  • sit down the night before for a minute, 
  • ask each other what they intend to do the next day 
  • if one wants to sleep late or get up early
  • and then begin your mornings accordingly. 
Healthy morning routine sets the mood for the entire day, now you want it grumpy or smiley it's solely up to you . Thus regular breakfast routine is fairly monotonous with respect to food. Elaborate breakfasts are bit of challenge especially on weekdays because they demand more time in the kitchen and cuts out on our couch chit chat time. We do have intricate breakfast meals but those are mostly reserved for the weekends; having said that, lets see what our breakfast revolves around. 
  1. Detox Water: It can be a Green Tea Or Warm water with Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice & honey or overnight fruit infused water. 
  2. Tea: Well this should be no surprise. Can't imagine mornings without a cup of tea. 
  3. Tea accompaniments: 
    • Tea Dips: Rusk, Digestive Biscuits, Khari, Dry Snacks
    • Breads: Wheat, Multigrain, Garlic 
    • Spreads: Butter, Cheese spreads, Peanut butter, hummus, 
    • Pan Meals: Dosa, Pancakes
    • Pot Meals: Oats, Poha, Sabudana Khichdi & for totally lazy mornings Maggi Noodle & for super laziest mornings, leftovers. 
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Until next time, Happy Mornings😎

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