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Am-ch-Hi .... Engagement Story :)

No, it is not an extraordinary tale. No, it is not very bollywood-y either.
And no we did not elope in order to conquer our love😆 [ ......Ok,we did talk about running away couple of times when our parents were still in the phase of analyzing if this was "THERISHTA"😀 ]

But, it is worth sharing with our readers. So here it is.....

Rewinding two months back from the engagement, we met via Loksatta Matrimonial Ad. Yep, as cliche as it gets my parents had "advertised" me (my profile) in a very popular marathi newspaper to which my father-in-law (FIL) had reverted and my mother had acted upon by enforcing "the  स्थळ evaluation process".

Those who are not aware about this process let me give you a quick summary from start-to-finish.
Promote the Candidate bylooks obviously😡works atearns this muchstays hereFind a Candidate for the Candidate via those powerful networking skills which will embarrass Facebook too. Once suitable candidate is on the radarGet the bir…

Breakfast Routine

AmHi are mutually exclusive to each other when it comes to rising early. 'Am' loves getting up early even on  the weekends and 'Hi' can keep on snuggling till the sun hits the roof. Having said that nowadays as parents we find that this is the only hour where we get our time, our couple time. Hence WE make a deliberate effort to wake up together and enjoy a cup of tea with the chirping sparrows. Over five years of being married,we both have grown into the habit of not making the start of the day difficult for each other. This is our suggestion to other couples as well,

sit down the night before for a minute, ask each other what they intend to do the next day if one wants to sleep late or get up earlyand then begin your mornings accordingly.  Healthy morning routine sets the mood for the entire day, now you want it grumpy or smiley it's solely up to you . Thus regular breakfast routine is fairly monotonous with respect to food. Elaborate breakfasts are bit of challen…