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The Playgroup or The Pre-School Charade

Any new phase with your kid is going to be a parody of parenting norms. Yep, now that we are in this game for the past two years we can vouch that if you as a parent think or expect  "XYZ" then your kid is ready with  "ABCdef......wha no no.....oh u say XYZ how about...go to hell I will do as I please." Thus when you talk about taming these mini cute looking tornados and pushing them into a controlled environment like a playgroup, parents beware you going to love this roller coaster.

Let's divide this topic broadly into following:
Deciding: Yes, I want to put my child into a playgroup. Yes, I want to be part of this charade.Selecting: Now I need an institute where my child can go create a mess which otherwise happens at home. Yes, you will end up having a Phd on which school is the best so congratulations on that as well.Enjoying: Now that I have signed up for this might as well enjoy it otherwise boy oh boy you will be in trouble if you don't.