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How not to be a Crazy Mother?

SAHM, Stay-at-home-mother, or being a working mother is a CHOICE. A choice made by a woman, a mother either circumstantially or intentionally to nurture ker kids as per her life goals & priorities. Lately, the debate of SAHM v/s Working Mom is so hyped that everyone just wants to find solace in blaming the other community for not being able to do optimal for the kids rather than helping each other raise a better human generation. A mother is a mother; why typecast her?

A mother is always in stress irrespective of her choice to work for a living or not. A mother is always following a routine which can get on her nerves.Keeping that in mind I am noting down my top 5 ultimate stress busters which have helped me overcome the monotony of motherhood and maintain my sanity so that I can take care of my beloved.

So my five-point-some-things are:
📚 Getting Organised✎ Being Creative👯 Beauty Regime📺 Entertainment✊ Punching Let me now explain.

Getting Organised:
Now this will be the last th…