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Amit-wali Dal

Every Indian household has its favourite dal. Some like their dals spicy with lots of tadka, some like the plain jane varan, while some like it with just jeera and some like their dal to be a combo of sweet-n-spicy-n-tangy like Amit. 
Amit introduced this sweet & spicy dal to my (Himshree) side of the family who usually prefered savoury dals including me. Thus when this sweet-spicy-tangy dal was served for the first time bomb of flavours bursted on our palates. It did took us a bit to get accustomed to this taste but now whenever Amit's in-laws (my parents) visit they demand amit-wali dal fromhimskitchen
So let start cooking amit_wali dal.

Serves:  3-4 people
Ingredients:  Toor Dal/ Pigeon split and skinned - 1 cupHing/ Asafoetida - one to two pinchHalad/ Turmeric- 1/2 tbspLal mirch powder/ Red Chili powder/ Paprika - 1 tbspHirvi Mirchi/ Green Chili- 3-4 diced ( you can increase or reduce depending on your preference)Kokam/Amsul/ Garcinia indica- 4-5 pieces Sakhar/ Sugar or Gul/ …