What to pack for a bird watching trip?

Life tends to get very complicated and demanding thus you always can't have luxurious getaways to re energize your soul. We earthlings have been blessed with a exotic nature which we rarely explore.

Whenever +CrazyFoodies onToes  take a vacation we have few focus points like say this time we just party hard and not care about weight gain. The other trip it might be like let's enlighten our spiritual side and visit holy places. But whatever our focus points on any of our getaways, we always have one or two mornings dedicated for bird-watching.

Getting out in the morning, having a nice breakfast together and heading out on a nature trail,finding few new colorful friends is something we now enjoy as a couple and thus it is like a date in morning; date-morn instead of a date-night πŸ˜‰

But you just can't wander-off making new friends out in the jungle without few things. So we kinda made a small list as to what you need to have while to go bird-watching. 
  1. Camera 
  2. Binocular
  3. Watch
  4. Cap
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Energy Bars
  7. Chewing Gums
  8. Book of Birds
  9. Insect Repellent 
  10. Sports Shoes
  11. Socks
  12. Handkerchiefs/Napkins
  13. Wet Tissues
  14. Green or Earthy colored clothing
  15. Notebook and pen
  16. First Aid
  17. Lastly and the most important Patience 
In our last staycation at Sangameshwar our native town we did meet few gorgeous fellas, have a look. We are not gonna name them for you (as yet), in fact we want our bird enthusiasts readers to name them for us. Won't it be fun? Comment down the number and name of the bird in the picture and by end of the week we will update the captions so that you can check if you were correct.

Until then Chao πŸ‘‹

1 : Small Minivet (Female)

2: Small Minivet (Male)

3: Plain Prinia

4: Shikra (Female)

5: Common Stone Chat (Female)

6: White-Bellied Drongo

7: Black-Rumped Flameback Woodpecker

8: Oriental Magpie-Robin

9: Red Breasted Flycatcher
10: Great Hornbill

11: White Breasted King-Fisher


  1. Did I lot of bird watching during my last year of degree college. Man I miss it so much. I will try and name a few although I am not sure if I will be right :P. 6 - Drongo I am guessing because of the forked tail. 7 - Woodpecker which type I don't know. 10. Hornbill 11. Kingfisher :P. I remember seeing the other birds but forgot the names its been agesssss.


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