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साई बाबांचे बोलावणे !!!

मित्रांनो असं म्हणतात की साईंचे बोलावणे आल्या शिवाय शिर्डी दर्शन होत नाही, आणि बोलावणे आले असेल तर कितीही अडचणी आल्या तरी बाबांचे दर्शन मिळाल्या खेरीज राहत नाही. माझ्या आणि मित्रांच्या बाबतीत काहीसे असेच घडले त्याची हि गोष्ट. 

केळवे पुलनाका हा माझा आणि मित्रांचा आवडता अड्डा. संध्याकाळी माझे सगळे मित्र कामावरून/महाविद्यालयातून आलो रे आलो की केळव्यासाठी पळ काढायचो. तिथेच बसून आम्ही बरेच बेत केले आहेत. माझी पहिली विमान सफर देखील इथेच ठरली होती. असो.... त्या दिवशी देखील आम्ही घाई गडबड करीत दुचाकी घेऊन केळवे पूलनाक्यासाठी पळ काढला. साधारण पावसाळा संपून थोडे दिवस झाले असावेत, छान गार वातावरण होते आणि आम्ही गरमागरम वडापाव आणि तृप्त मसाला सोड्यावर ताव मारत होतो. शुक्रवारचा दिवस असल्यामुळे आम्ही अगदी निवांत होतो कारण सर्वांना पुढे दोन्ही दिवस सुट्टी होती.

केळवे पुलनाका- गरमागरम वडापाव आणि तृप्त मसाला सोडा
अचानक एका मित्राने विषय काढला: "काही तरी करायला पाहिजे ! दोन दिवस काय करायचे?" त्याला प्रतिसाद म्हणून दुसऱ्याने प्रस्ताव मांडला: "चला शिर्डीला जाऊ!" पुढे काय झाले असेल सांग…

Pressure Cooked Dal Khichadi for Toddlers

Pressure cooked dal khichadi with vegetable is your one stop solution if you want to churn up a fast, healthy and fulfilling meal not just for your one year old but also for yourself. Toddlers are very fussy when it comes to having food because by now they have understood flavours. So if it is not flavoursome it is not going to surpass their lips. Hence my instant dal khichdi recipe is easy to make, is loaded with tons of veggie power and is tasty. Of Course each child is different, each family has its own preference of vegetable so choose accordingly. 
Let's start cooking. 

Ingredients:  Rice - 1/2 cupToor Dal- 3 tbspMoong Dal- 2 tbspMix Dal- 1 tbsp Water- 4 cupsBiryani Masala- 1/2 tbspTurmeric - 1/3 tbsp Hing- 1/3 tbspRed Chilli- 1/2 tbspSalt  to tasteOil/ GheeMixed Vegetable- 1 cup This quantity ideally is good for two adults.
Method: First take a small pressure cooker and add all the grains in and then wash them thoroughly. Add 4 cups of water and place it on the heat. Now deal w…

What to pack for a bird watching trip?

Life tends to get very complicated and demanding thus you always can't have luxurious getaways to re energize your soul. We earthlings have been blessed with a exotic nature which we rarely explore.

Whenever +CrazyFoodies onToes  take a vacation we have few focus points like say this time we just party hard and not care about weight gain. The other trip it might be like let's enlighten our spiritual side and visit holy places. But whatever our focus points on any of our getaways, we always have one or two mornings dedicated for bird-watching.

Getting out in the morning, having a nice breakfast together and heading out on a nature trail,finding few new colorful friends is something we now enjoy as a couple and thus it is like a date in morning; date-morn instead of a date-night 😉

But you just can't wander-off making new friends out in the jungle without few things. So we kinda made a small list as to what you need to have while to go bird-watching.  Camera BinocularWatchCa…

Hello 2017

We know we are a  tad bit late for this but  Happy New Year Readers😁🎆

Those who are following us on our social media accounts like Instagram & Facebook  they know we were out to our native town Ratnagiri for our christmas-cum-birthday-cum-anniversary-cum-new year celebration week. 

So please hit the follow and like button on Instagram & Facebook respectively to stay connected with us because it takes us a while to come  update it on the blog  since we would be we are travelling or health takes a toll or simply we get exhausted running behind our son Arha, who now holds the capacity of a mini tornado. 😟

We had a gala time in the last week of 2016 and then 2017 came. We were not very keen for 2017 mainly because hubby will be travelling frequently for his work that means we would get less time together. We would mostly be in a LDR i.e. Long Distance relationship. But then we sat across and decided on few things which would be the motto for 2017.
We would communicate more. Distan…